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Comic Book Character Information
Name: Jennifer Ransome
Real Name:
Character ID: 2726
  Character Added: 8/24/2006
Last Update: 8/24/2006
Comic Appearances

Note: This may not be entirely accurate since the character information is new and has not been fully weeded.  This does not yet take fully into account different characters with the same code name (i.e. Vindicator could be Heather Hudson or James Hudson).

The Avengers (Regular) Vol: 1
Cable (Regular) Vol: 1
26; 27; 28;
Excalibur (Regular) Vol: 1
Fantastic Four (Regular) Vol: 3
Magneto Rex (Limited Series) Vol: 1
1; 2; 3;
Magneto: Dark Seduction (Limited Series) Vol: 1
1; 2;
The Uncanny X-Men (Regular) Vol: 1
235; 236; 237; 238; 259; 260; 262; 264; 307;
X-Factor (Regular) Vol: 1
54; 83;
X-Force (Regular) Vol: 1
X-Men (Regular) Vol: 2

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