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Comic Book Information Own
Title: Classic X-Men 37 | 39
Issue: 38
Cover Date: October 1989
Pages: 36
Cover Price: $1.25
Comments: Reprint X-Men #132
Cover Title: The Dark Phoenix Saga Part 4
Cover Credits: Steve Lightle (Penciller); Steve Lightle (Inker); Bob Harras (Editor); Daryl Edelman (Editor); Roger Stern (Editor)
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Comic ID: 6825
  Comic Added: 1/1/2005
Last Update: 1/1/2005
2)  Strangers on a Lift  (11 pages)
Ann Nocenti (Writer); Kyle Baker (Penciller); Kyle Baker (Inker); Glynis Oliver (Colorer); Bill Oakley (Letterer)
Character(s): Dazzler
Comic Book Title Information
Title: Classic X-Men *
Comic Type: Regular
Volume: 1
Company: Marvel Comics
Dates: 1986 - 1989
Issues: 45 (43 in collection)
Title Becomes: X-Men Classic Vol: 1 (Marvel Comics)
Country: United States
Language: English
ISSN: 0897-5779
Format: Standard; Color; Monthly
Title ID: 124
  Title Added: 1/1/2005
Last Updated: 8/22/2006
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  * Indicates that this Title is no longer published.
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