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Title: Heroes Against Hunger No Prev | No Next  
Issue: 1
Cover Date:
Pages: 52
Cover Price: $1.50
Comments: App: Batman & Superman. Famine relief.
Cover Title: none
Cover Credits: Neal Adams (Penciller); Dick Giordano (Inker); Robert Greenberger (Editor)
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Comic ID: 730
  Comic Added: 1/1/2005
Last Update: 1/1/2005
1)  A Song of Pain and Sorrow!  (1 pages)
Jim Starlin (Writer); George Perez (Penciller); Kim DeMulder (Inker); Daina Grazanus (Colorer); Helen Vesik (Letterer)

2)  none  (2 pages)
Cary Bates (Writer); Paris Cullins (Penciller); Tony DeZuniga (Inker); Michele Wolfman (Colorer); Carrie Spiegle (Letterer)

3)  none  (2 pages)
Elliot S Maggin (Writer); Denys Cowan (Penciller); Val Mayerik (Inker); Michele Wolfman (Colorer); Carrie Spiegle (Letterer)

4)  none  (2 pages)
Paul Levitz (Writer); Jan Duursema (Penciller); Alfredo Alcala (Inker); Gene D'Angelo (Colorer); Helen Vesik (Letterer)

5)  none  (2 pages)
Mike W Barr (Writer); Keith Giffen (Penciller); Joe Staton (Inker); Carl Gafford (Colorer); Duncan Andrews (Letterer)

6)  none  (2 pages)
Michael Fleisher (Writer); Ross Andru (Penciller); Klaus Janson (Inker); Carl Gafford (Colorer); John Workman (Letterer)

7)  none  (2 pages)
Bob Rozakis (Writer); Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (Penciller); Jerry Ordway (Inker); Anthony Tollin (Colorer); Agustin Mas (Letterer)

8)  none  (2 pages)
Roy Thomas (Writer); Carmine Infantino (Penciller); Murphy Anderson (Inker); Tom Ziuko (Colorer); Milt Snapinn (Letterer)

9)  none  (2 pages)
J M DeMatteis (Writer); Marshall Rogers (Penciller); Karl Kesel (Inker); George Roberts (Colorer); John Costanza (Letterer)

10)  none  (2 pages)
Robert Bloch (Writer); Bernie Wrightson (Penciller); Mike Kaluta (Inker); Anthony Tollin (Colorer); Bob Lappan (Letterer)

11)  none  (2 pages)
Robert Loren Fleming (Writer); Joe Brozowski (Penciller); Gray Morrow (Inker); Gene D'Angelo (Colorer); Bob Pinaha (Letterer)

12)  none  (2 pages)
Marv Wolfman (Writer); Sal Amendola (Penciller); Jim Aparo (Inker); Liz Berube (Colorer); Albert De Guzman (Letterer)

13)  none  (2 pages)
Tony Isabella (Writer); Curt Swan (Penciller); John Byrne (Inker); Nansi Hoolihan (Colorer); Todd Klein (Letterer)

14)  none  (2 pages)
Gerry Conway (Writer); Barry Windsor-Smith (Penciller); Jeff Jones (Inker); Tatjana Wood (Colorer); Todd Klein (Letterer)

15)  none  (2 pages)
Barbara Randall (Writer); Ernie Colon (Penciller); Terry Austin (Inker); Nansi Hoolihan (Colorer); Agustin Mas (Letterer)

16)  none  (2 pages)
Andy Helfer (Writer); Walt Simonson (Penciller); Steve Leialoha (Inker); Joe Orlando (Colorer); John Workman (Letterer)

17)  none  (2 pages)
Dan Mishkin (Writer); Eduardo Barretto (Penciller); Romeo Tanghal (Inker); Liz Berube (Colorer); Helen Vesik (Letterer)

18)  none  (2 pages)
Len Wein (Writer); Dave Gibbons (Penciller); Bruce Patterson (Inker); George Roberts (Colorer); John Costanza (Letterer)

19)  none  (2 pages)
Ed Hannigan (Writer); Jack Kirby (Penciller); Al Milgrom (Inker); Tom Ziuko (Colorer); Duncan Andrews (Letterer)

20)  none  (2 pages)
Mindy Newell (Writer); Tony Salmons (Penciller); Tom Mandrake (Inker); Joe Orlando (Colorer); Bob Pinaha (Letterer)

21)  none  (2 pages)
Steve Englehart (Writer); Dan Jurgens (Penciller); Bill Wray (Inker); Adrienne Roy (Colorer); Agustin Mas (Letterer)

22)  none  (2 pages)
Joey Cavalieri (Writer); Joe Kubert (Penciller); Josef Rubinstein (Inker); Adrienne Roy (Colorer); Andy Kubert (Letterer)

23)  none  (2 pages)
Paul Kupperberg (Writer); David Ross (Penciller); Howard Chaykin (Inker); Bob Le Rose (Colorer); Bob Lappan (Letterer)

24)  none  (2 pages)
Doug Moench (Writer); Jim Sherman (Penciller); Alan Weiss (Inker); Greg Theakston (Inker); Bob Le Rose (Colorer); Todd Klein (Letterer)

25)  none  (1 pages)
Jim Starlin (Writer); George Perez (Penciller); Kim DeMulder (Inker); Daina Grazanus (Colorer); Helen Vesik (Letterer)

Comic Book Title Information
Title: Heroes Against Hunger *
Comic Type: One-Shot
Volume: 1
Company: DC Comics
Date: 1986
Issues: 1 (1 in collection)
Notes: (1986)
Country: United States
Language: English
Format: Color; Standard
Title ID: 384
  Title Added: 1/1/2005
Last Updated: 8/2/2006
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  * Indicates that this Title is no longer published.
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