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On July 1, 1999, Doctor Who was revived in CD Audio format with the Big Finish Audio Adventures.  These adventures are released monthly and feature the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Doctors (as of yet Tom Baker has not agreed to do any).

The BBC has also started releasing audio soundtracks of some of the 'missing' episodes of Doctor Who known as the BBC Radio Collection.  These also include various musical scores and radio plays as well.

There is also a large amount of fan fiction (anything that has not 'officially' been licensed by the BBC) out there in audio format.  I have included some of these here also.

Spin-Off audios are also included here which are officially licensed audio dramas based on characters and/or places within the Doctor Who universe but not directly involving the Doctor and hence not licensed by the BBC.

Internet 'broadcasts' are included in their own section however, they are also included here if they have been released in audio format also.

Also available under this section is a selection of wav files from various episodes of Doctor Who that I have gathered from various places on the web.  A good place to go for more wav files is the Doctor Who WAV Archive.

Anything marked with the 'dcb' icon indicates that I currently own that item.  I personally do not collect many items that are not directly Doctor Who.  Therefore, I have included the Dalek Empire and Sarah Jane Smith solo CD's and the Bernice Summerfield> CD's here for completeness only.

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