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Type40 Doctor Who - The Chimes of Midnight Details

The Chimes of Midnight
Title: The Chimes of Midnight
Series: Audio Adventures
Recorded: 17 Jan 2001 - 18 Jan 2001
Prod Code: 8G
Seq No: 29
Type: CD
  Source: Type40 Doctor Who
Date Added: 1 Jan 2001
Last Updated: 13 Jan 2004
Occurance: 1 - The Chimes of Midnight
Company: Big Finish
Release Date: 25 Feb 2002
ISBN: 1 903654 58 0
Catalog Code: BFPDWCD8G
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom
Availabilty: Exists
Link: Big Finish
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Source: Type40 Doctor Who
Date Added: 1 Jan 2001
Last Updated: 31 Jan 2004
Hallowe'en 1938.

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring...

But something must be stirring.  Something hidden in the shadows.  Something which kills the servants of an old Edwardian mansion in the most brutal and macabre manner possible.  Exactly on the chiming of the hour, every hour, as the grandfather clock ticks on towards midnight.

Trapped and afraid, the Doctor and Charley are forced to play detective to murders with no motive, where even the victims don't stay dead.  Time is running out.

And Time itself might well be the killer...
IT'S ALMOST AS IF TIME warps around Christmas - it's only one day of the year, but I always seem to be preparing for it or recovering from it.  I love it - but competing with hundreds of shoppers in crowded departments stores always brings out the worst in me.  I had the thought to write a horribly black comedy in which everyone got murdered in a really Christmassy manner - someone throttled by a piece of tinsel, another having their throat slashed by a broken glass bauble.  I considered calling it The Holly Terror - but fortunately changed my mind several nanoseconds later.

From that rather silly idea grew The Chimes of Midnight.  I live in an old Victorian house not unlike the one in which the story is set, and took to writing a fair amount of the dialogue with the lights dim in the middle of the night.  What I expected would be quite funny ended up being something which gave me a few troubled dreams.  I hope that just a few of my night terrors get felt by the listener to this adventure.

It doesn't matter what time of the year it is.  Draw the curtain, turn the lights down low, even hang some mistletoe over your head if you feel so inclined.  And imagine that you're hearing a festive ghost story, with the fire roaring in the hearth, and the snow outside falling heavy and fast, blocking out any means of escape.

Robert Shearman, December 2001
Disc Seq Title Dur'n Notes
1 1 Untitled 27" 1' Christmas Eve. The snow is falling, and it's freezing outside. But surely it can't be cold enough that time itself is frozen? The Doctor and Charley explore a house which is not as deserted as it first appears...
1 2 Untitled 26" 50' There's lots of Christmas pudding to be eaten, lots of carols to be sung... and lots of deaths to investigate. A murder at ten o'clock, another at eleven - can the Doctor stop the killings before the chimes strike midnight.
1 3 Untitled 28" 57' It isn't easy to solve a murder when the suspects keep on dying - and even harder when the victims keep coming back to life. To escape from the house the Doctor must consider desperate measures - but can he really abandon everyine else in the process?
1 4 Untitled 33" 3' Charley is no longer herself. And the Doctor is no longer alive. To buy their freedom they must both make further sacrifices - but the price asked may be too much for them.

Type Person Role
Doctors Paul McGann Doctor 8
Companions India Fisher Charley Pollard
Additional Cast Juliet Warner Mary
  Robert Curbishley Frederick
  Sue Wallace Baddeley
  Lennox Greaves Shaughnessy
  Louise Rolfe Edith
Crew Barnaby Edwards Director
  Robert Shearman Writer

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