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Type40 Doctor Who - Excelis Rising Details

Excelis Rising
Title: Excelis Rising
Series: Excelis
Recorded: 14 Nov 2001 - 14 Nov 2001
Prod Code: EX/02
Seq No: 2
Type: CD
  Source: Big Finish
Date Added: 7 May 2002
Last Updated: 12 Feb 2004
Occurance: 1 - Excelis Rising
Company: Big Finish
Release Date: 8 Apr 2002
ISBN: 1 903654 64 5
Catalog Code: BFPDWCDEX2
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom
Availabilty: Exists
Link: Big Finish
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Source: Big Finish
Date Added: 7 May 2002
Last Updated: 12 Feb 2004
A thousand years after his last visit to the planet Artaris, the Doctor returns.  The city of Excelis has grown, spreading a vast Empire throughout the globe.  Science and engineering have provided a new Age of Reason.

But the more things change, the more they stay the same, and once again death follows the mysterious Relic through the halls of the Imperial Museum.

When the Doctor finds himself helping the Curator and the local authorities with the mystery, he finds himself crossing paths with a familiar face from Excelis' history - but no-one lives for a thousand years, do they?
When asked to pitch for one of the Excelis slots, I jumped at the chance for one simple reason - I had heard that Anthony Stewart Head, of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer fame, was being sought for the recuring guest villian role, and the chance to write for "Giles" was too good to pass up.

Knowing that the story had to be set a millenium after its predecessor, in an industial society, I wanted to try a sort of MR James does Steampunk kind of story, set in a psuedo Victorian London.  Like, I imagine, many genre fans, I grew up on the 1970s Pan Books of Ghost Stories, and wanted to evoke that air here.  Those familiar with such books may note that Reeve Maupassant in named after writer Guy de Maupassant, and Danby is named after Mary Danby, a frequent ghost-anthology editor.

If I've one regret about this story it's that, being a single CD release, there's no cliffhanger, and to me cliffhangers are a vital piece of Doctor Who.  So, halfway through, there is a cliffhanger point where you can pause and sing "diddly dum" to yourself - you'll know it when you hear the big scream!

I know that I'm thrilled at the prospect of hearing actors actually perform a play wot I wrote - especially these actors - and I hope you'll enjoy it too.

David A McIntee, January 2002
Disc Seq Title Dur'n Notes
1 1 Untitled 67" 30' The Doctor returns to Artaris, many centuries after his last visit. Steam-driven dirigibles fill the air and the educated society living there has recently discovered the science of spiritualism. Which may prove useful in tracking down the murderer who stalks a museum, trying to finding a long-lost Holt Relic...

Type Person Role
Doctors Colin Baker Doctor 6
Additional Cast Patricia Leventon Mother Superior
  Anthony Stewart Head Reeve Maupassant
  Charles Kay Curator
  Rupert Laight Soloman
  Toby Walton Thief
  Nicky Goldie Danby
  James Lailey Pryce
Crew Mark Ayers Theme Mastering
  David A McIntee Writer
  Edward Salt Director
  Gary Russell Producer
  Jason Haigh-Ellery Producer
  John Ainsworth Press
  Jason Haigh-Ellery Concept
  Lee Binding Cover Artist
  David Darlington Post Production
  Delia Derbyshire Theme Music
  Ron Grainer Theme Arrangement
  David Darlington CD Mastering
  Jacqueline Rayner Executive Producer
  Alistair Lock Recording
  David Darlington Music
  Clayton Hickman Package Design

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