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Type40 Doctor Who - Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre Details

Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre
Title: Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre
Series: Sarah Jane Smith
Recorded: 26 Feb 2002 - 26 Feb 2002
Prod Code: SJ05
Seq No: 5
Type: CD
Synopsis: A bio-warfare scandal from the 1940s takes Sarah to a remote island in the Indian Ocean. She pursues the scoop with a fellow journalist from her former company, Planet 3. But why wonít she contact her friends back in the UK?

The more she investigates the story, the less Sarah recognises that she is the story. Josh and Natalie discover that Sarah has been searching for pursuers in the rear-view mirror for so long that she hasnít noticed whoís now in the driving seat.

A long way from home, and far from safe, will Sarah see the dangers in her present and the enemies from her past - before itís too late?
  Source: Type40 Doctor Who
Date Added: 4 Jul 2002
Last Updated: 13 Jan 2004
Occurance: 1 - Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre
Company: Big Finish
Release Date: 7 Nov 2002
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom
Availabilty: Exists
Link: Big Finish

Source: Type40 Doctor Who
Date Added: 4 Jul 2002
Last Updated: 13 Jan 2004

Type Person Role
Additional Cast Mark Donovan Taximan
  Toby Longworth Taximan
  Peter Miles Brandt
  Louise Faulkner Wendy Jennings
  Robin Bowerman Harris
  Sadie Miller Natalie
  Jeremy James Josh
  Elisabeth Sladen Sarah Jane Smith
Crew Gary Russell Director
  Peter Anghelides Writer

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