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Type40 Doctor Who - Dance of the Dead Details

Dance of the Dead
Title: Dance of the Dead
Series: Bernice Summerfield
Recorded: 22 Aug 2002 - 22 Aug 2002
Seq No: 3.3
Type: CD
Season: 3
Synopsis: Illegally smuggled aboard a spaceship, hungover to the nth degree, all Benny Summerfield wants is to curl up in a ball and die. And it looks like she's going to get her chance.

When disaster strikes the ship - human error, or deliberate sabotage? - Benny barely survives. Banding together with a party of Ice Warriors and a laconic steward, a hazardous, arduous race is on to find a way out of the wreck before it breaks up all together. But are her fellow escapees all they seem? Benny finds that's hard to tell when your own mind's being hijacked by the memories and emotions of a dead alien - while a Martian Grand Marshall becomes your better half…
  Source: Type40 Doctor Who
Date Added: 10 Apr 2003
Last Updated: 2 Jun 2005
Occurance: 1 - Dance of the Dead
Company: Big Finish
Release Date: 24 Oct 2002
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom
Availabilty: Exists
Link: Big Finish

Source: Type40 Doctor Who
Date Added: 10 Apr 2003
Last Updated: 13 Jan 2004

Type Person Role
Additional Cast Vivian Parry Azzar
  Francis Magee Karter
  Matthew Brenher Sstac
  Lisa Bowerman Bernice 'Benny' Summerfield
Crew David Darlington Music
  Edward Salt Director
  Stephen Cole Writer

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