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Type40 Doctor Who - The Last Mission Details

The Last Mission
Title: The Last Mission
Series: BBV Audio
Seq No: 8
Type: CD
  Source: Type40 Doctor Who
Date Added: 21 Aug 2002
Last Updated: 13 Jan 2004
Occurance: 1 - The Last Mission
Company: BBV
Release Date: Cir 1 Jan 1999
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom
Availabilty: Exists
Link: BBV

Source: Type40 Doctor Who
Date Added: 21 Aug 2002
Last Updated: 13 Jan 2004
The Stranger has traversed the continuum in his adventures, always trying to escape a past which threatens to catch up with him. Now, however, Soloman recalls the events of years before, and we finally discover what set him on a road apart from the other preceptors.

An adventure which ties up the loose ends of the Stranger series also features plenty of action, flying cars and semi-invisible monsters, too.

Originally released on tape, this adventure is now available on CD for the very first time.

Type Person Role
Doctors Colin Baker Soloman
Additional Cast Nicholas Barclay Drain Man
  Holly King Rose
  John Wadmore Saul
  David Troughton Egan
  Elisabeth Sladen Mirus Alexa
Crew Bill Baggs Producer
  Nicholas Briggs Director
  Nicholas Briggs Music
  Nicholas Briggs Writer

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