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Type40 Doctor Who - The Axis of Insanity Details

The Axis of Insanity
Title: The Axis of Insanity
Series: Audio Adventures
Recorded: 22 Jan 2004 - 23 Jan 2004
Prod Code: 6Q/E
Seq No: 56
Type: CD
  Source: Big Finish
Date Added: 31 Jan 2004
Last Updated: 2 Feb 2004
Occurance: 1 - The Axis of Insanity
Company: Big Finish
Release Date: Cir 30 Apr 2004
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom
Availabilty: Exists
Cost: 13.99 UK
Link: Big Finish
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Source: Big Finish
Date Added: 31 Jan 2004
Last Updated: 21 Aug 2004
What is... the Axis?

For The Doctor and his travelling companions, Peri and Erimem, it's a twisted playground, where reality, morality and sanity no longer apply. Stranded within a dimensional nexus, beset by the molten fury of the Firedbreed, they must unwrap a terrifying mystery of damaged timelines and dark science... before the corruption of the Axis spreads and reality itself crumbles.

Pitted against a warped and deadly mind, The Doctor faces his own past transgressions, and the very nature of what it is to be a Time Lord.

Type Person Role
Doctors Peter Davison Doctor 5
Companions Caroline Morris Erimem
  Nicola Bryant Peri Brown
Additional Cast Daniel Hogarth Carnival Barker
  Stephen Mansfield Bird Trader
  Marc Danbury Tog
  Liza Ross Jarra To
  Garrick Hagon Jester
  Roy North Overseer
Crew Andy Hardwick Music
  Gareth Jenkins Post Production
  Lee Binding Cover Artist
  Simon Furman Writer
  Gary Russell Director

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