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Type40 Doctor Who - Square One Details

Square One
Title: Square One
Series: Gallifrey
Seq No: 1.2
Type: CD
  Source: Big Finish
Date Added: 31 Jan 2004
Last Updated: 13 May 2004
Occurance: 1 - Square One
Company: Big Finish
Release Date: Cir 1 Apr 2004
ISBN: 1 84435 089 4
Catalog Code: BFGGALLCD02
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom
Availabilty: Exists
Cost: 9.99 UK
Link: Big Finish Productions
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Source: Big Finish
Date Added: 31 Jan 2004
Last Updated: 5 Jun 2005
'It's too late...  time is coming for us!'

In a climate of unease and mistrust, the great time-travelling powers of the universe are holding an historic temporal summit. The meeting will take place on a planetoid impervious to outside attack or internal subversion in any way.

But while President Romana walks a knife-sharp political tightrope into dangerous territory, Leela and K9 find themselves attending the summit in unexpected roles. They are hunting for evidence of Free Time activity, but find instead terrors of a different kind time and time again.

What impossibilty stalks the planetoid? Who is manipulating time? Can Leela and Romana discover the truth - or will they find themselves sent back to square one for all eternity?
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