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Type40 Doctor Who - The Profit of Doom Details

The Profit of Doom
Title: The Profit of Doom
Series: Season 27
Seq No: 1
Type: CD
  Source: Timelord
Date Added: 27 Aug 2002
Last Updated: 31 Jan 2004
Occurance: 1 - Profit of Doom
Company: Season 27
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom
Availabilty: Exists
Link: Timelord

Source: Timelord
Date Added: 27 Aug 2002
Last Updated: 31 Jan 2004
A Four Part Audio Adventure

"Bring forward the first who bless our Lord with the anguish of his pain!"

What goes on behind the doors of the Porlock Foundation?

Who are the members of the Guild of St Mackaben the Usurper?

And why does Stephen Fallows wake up 10,000 light years away from home?

Mortally wounded after an encounter with the Daleks, the Doctor is forced to regenerate. Crash landing on Earth, he finds himself quickly embroiled in the mystery of strange lights over Essex Marshes, the disappearance of Monica Fallows brilliant computer scientist brother and the sinister infiltration of the British establishment by a secret cult thought eradicated over four hundred years before.

Once again in the post of UNITís unpaid scientific adviser, the Doctor must unravel the threads of a web of intrigue, betrayal and murder that surrounds the most hideous trading operation in the history of the galaxy.

Type Person Role
Doctors Steve Johnson The Doctor
Companions Sherry Howell Monica Fallows
Additional Cast Edward Dutton Septimus Porlock
  Marlene Bradshaw Hasda-Clast
  Victor Shields Tench
  James Hurley Sherrington
  Paul Ebbs Rice
  Steve Butler Jenkins
  Gary Blackmore Qua-Bel
  Mark Eldridge Vol-Klaar
  Nicholas Price Stephen Fallows
Crew Paul Ebbs Writer
  Paul Ebbs Post Production
  Steve Johnson Post Production
  Steve Johnson Music
  Paul Ebbs Director

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