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Type40 Doctor Who - The Grel Escape Details

The Grel Escape
Title: The Grel Escape
Series: Bernice Summerfield
Seq No: 5.1
Type: CD
Season: 5
  Source: Big Finish
Date Added: 2 Jun 2005
Last Updated: 2 Jun 2005
Occurance: 1 - The Grel Escape
Company: Big Finish
Release Date: Cir 1 Jul 2004
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom
Cost: £9.99 UK
Link: Big Finish Productions

Source: Big Finish
Date Added: 2 Jun 2005
Last Updated: 2 Jun 2005
Young children can be difficult. Tantrums, toy-throwing, not wanting to go to bed, whisking their mothers on dangerous journeys throughout all of time and space.

Jason wants Benny's son Peter to have a normal childhood. Peter has other plans. And unfortunately, Peter also has Benny and Jason's Time Rings. And knows how to use them. Even more unfortunately, the fact-obsessed, tentacle-faced Grel have built a time machine, and they're after Peter.

So Benny finds herself on the run, landing in frightening festivals and deadly deserts, facing ridiculously inaccurate robot doubles and hideously accented tourists, in what can only be described as a sort of chase.

Type Person Role
Additional Cast Dacey Warriner Peter Summerfield
  Daniel Hogarth The Grel
  Julia Houghton Sophia
  Steven Wickham  Joseph
  Stephen Fewell Jason Kane
  Lisa Bowerman Bernice 'Benny' Summerfield
Crew Adrian Salmon Cover Artist
  Simon Robinson Music
  Simon Robinson Post-Production
  Gary Russell Director
  Jacqueline Rayner Writer

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