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Doctor Who Book series

Note: Since the Type40 website has incorporated Doctor Who books into it's Books section, these links will re-direct you there.  There are links within the Books section that will re-direct you back to this section as well.

This is the Book section in which as many books as possible associated with Doctor Who have been catalogued.  The Doctor Who television show ran for 26 seasons from 1963 to 1989 with one made for television movie in 1996.  Most of these serials have been officially novelized with the exception of 'The Pirate Planet', 'City of Death', 'Resurrection of the Daleks' and 'Revelation of the Daleks'.  Novelizations were published by Target and then later by Doctor Who Books (an imprint of Virgin Publishing).  Some of these novelizations were also published in other countries including the United States, Holland, Turkey, Portugal, France, Germany, Japan and Brazil.

After Doctor Who went off the air in 1989, Virgin Publishing began a new line of books called The New Adventures featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace.  These later featured other companions as well, the most notable being Bernice Summerfield for which there is a line of Audio CD's.  The New Adventures continued from the television series and ran for 61 editions.  Virgin Publishing also started a series they called The Missing Adventures which featured past Doctors and their companions.  These stories take place within 'gaps' in the television show.

In 1997, after the FOX television movie Doctor Who, BBC Publishing took up the line of books, cancelling Virgin's rights to the series.  They continued in the Virgin style of Missing Adventures with their Past Doctors range and with the New Adventures with their 8th Doctor range.  These books were originally issued two a month, one of each series.  Now they are released once a month alternating for each series (i.e. 8th Doctor Books come out every other month and then the Past Doctor Books come out opposite months).

Virgin Publishing continued their New Adventures series without the Doctor and instead focused on his companion Bernice (Benny) Summerfield.  These New Adventures were also cancelled at the end of 1999 and the Bernice books were picked up by Big Finish Productions.

There have also been a large variety of other (miscellaneous) books about the show published both factual and fiction.  Anything that does not fall within a series is included in this category.

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