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History Part 2

Baptist Medical CenterOn a Wednesday evening, Fletcher's grandmother and grandfather babysat for us as my wife and I went on a date.  When we returned Fletcher seemed to be having some trouble breathing.  We gave him a bath and put his nightclothes on him and his breathing worsened.  When we turned the lights on full he appeared pale.  My wife suggested that we take him to the hospital but I wasn't sure that we should.  Eventually he started to look a little blue as his respiration got more and more labored.  We took him to the emergency room at Mercy where they hooked him up to a pulse oximeter.  They first thought that it wasn't reading correctly since it showed him getting 60% oxygen saturation but his color was looking better.  An x-ray of his chest showed that he had some shadows in both lungs which indicated that he had pneumonia.  A blood gas test was done which showed that his blood was highly acidic and so the decision to intubate him was made.

Since Mercy does not have a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), they had to make a decision to move him either to Baptist or to the Children's Medical Center.  We ended up going to Baptist.  We arrived there about 5:00 AM and the doctor (Dr Mahmood Khichi) hooked him up to a ventilator.



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