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History Part 6 (Aug 28, 2005 - Oct 7, 2005)

At 4:00 AM on August 28th Fletcher woke up crying and had a hard time breathing.  We were able to calm him down but he had a couple more episodes Sunday and we decided to take him to the emergency room.  He had just finished his methadone and we thought that he may be having more withdrawals from the medication.  When he got to the emergency room they started multiple breathing treatments on him and eventually we headed back to the PICU.  Once there, Dr Khichi decided that he needed to be intubated because he was working too hard to breathe.  He was on the ventilator for five days this time.

After he was extubated, Dr Griggs had an echocardiogram done.  This showed that one of the muscles in his heart was larger than it should have been.  They performed an echocardiogram once before and noticed an enlarged muscle but at that time it was within normal range.  This time it was much larger.  The cardiologist diagnosed him with Idiopathic Hypertrophic Subaortic Stenosis (IHSS).

The treatment for this with drugs for Fletcher is problematic.  It is treated with Beta Blockers or Calcium Channel Blockers.  Since he also has asthma type symptoms (restrictive airway), these drugs counteract the drugs that he gets for his breathing problems.  While in the PICU, they started him on the Calcium Channel Blocker Verapamil and he had some adverse effects.  Dr Khichi was not sure if these were from the drugs or from agitation on Fletcher's part.  After three more episodes Fletcher was re-intubated which caused him to almost instantly look better and to act calmer.

He came home on October 7th.



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