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History Part 7

After a routine checkup for Fletcher with Dr Razook, it was determined that the pressure inside his heart where much greater then they were before.  Dr Razook thought that he needed to be hospitalized but it was decided that we would go see Dr Albiek, his pediatrician, first.  Dr Albiek called the ambulance and we were admitted to the OU Children's Hospital PICU directly on October 27th, 2005.  The doctors there weren't quite sure why we were admitted to the PICU but we knew that this was just a precursor for worse respiratory problems to come, not to mention his heart problem.  We were scheduled for a heart catheter and it was mentioned that we may need to go to the floor before that happened.  This would mean that either his father or mother would need to be there with all the time.

His breathing got worse and it was determined that he had a parainfluenza, the beginnings of croup.  He was unable to go to the scheduled heart catheter because of this.  They intubated him for his breathing problems and, since he was getting progressively worse, they went ahead and did the heart cath the next day.  The heart catheter showed that his pressure in his heart was what the echocardiogram showed and also that he was having quit a bit of mitral valve leakage.  This confirmed also that he would indeed need open heart surgery (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy).

Fletcher's surgery took place on November 10, 2005.  Because of his infection the doctor informed us that the risks of this were much greater than without the infection but, since he was getting much worse, that he needed the surgery soon.  His chances of failing to survive the surgery were one in four.  Dr Ward informed us after the surgery was over that things could not have gone any better and that Fletcher was doing very well.

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