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Type40 Guest Books - About

These Guest Books started on just the Doctor Who section and the first entry was made on 6/25/2002 8:41:22 PM CST by myself.  The next (external) entry was made on 8/26/2002 2:40:09 PM CST.

As I added more sections to this website, I adapted the Guest Book to accommodate multiple site entries so that each section could be separate.  Although they all used the same table to store information, each section's pages were maintained apart.  Later, I combined these a little with include pages and parameter indicating what GB to manipulate.  Now in this version I have drawn them all into one, still separate but also more together.  There are still a few bugs to work out but all-in-all it works pretty well.

I took these pages down for a while to eliminate SPAM. They are now back online without the ability to enter a guest book entry. If you wish to 'sign' the guest book, send me a feedback and I will add it here.

Please Note:  The Type40 Guest Books section uses cookies in order to redirect you back to the previous section. If your browser does not have cookies enabled, then you will need to use the back arrow in order to return to the calling page.

Section Statistics

Total Guest Book Entries: 127

Section Breakdown:

Ancestry: 3
Books: 7
DW: 33
Entertainment: 4
Family: 28
OU: 49
Type40: 3

This section went live on June 25, 2002

Version 3.0

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