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    Matt and Amber Seaton    
    Air Comfort Solutions    
    All About Travel    
    Chris Blake   Grace Preacher.  
    Chris Dow   Chris Dow  
    Crystal's Christmas Candies    
    Kyle   Used to be our church worship leader  
    Max & Zeke Russell - Jamie and Stephanie Russell's son.    
    Mystery Science Tulsa 3000   Michael Sharp's website.  
    Rene Gutteridge   I've read most of her books.  
    Richard Scott    
    Richard Scott (Scott Links)    
    Focus on the Family   Dr James Dobson  
    Grace Covenant Church   Pastor Lance Gutterridge  
    My Utmost for His Highest   Daily Devotional from the Book. A must read.  
My Favorites
    Bill O'Reilly    
    CNS News    
    David Limbaugh    
    Fox News    
    Front Page Magazine    
    Human Events Online    
    Laura Ingraham    
    National Review Online    
    Radio Active News    
    Rush Limbaugh    
    Sean Hannity    
    Tammy Bruce    
    Truth or Fiction    
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