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Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver
Name:  Taxi Driver
Role names are sometimes combined and may not be the same character in the movies, TV shows, etc.  For example: The character "Policeman" may be in several shows and not necessarily be the same policeman.
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Title Date   Person  
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1947 Jack Overman
The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951 Harry Harvey
The Absent Minded Professor 1961 Paul E Burns
Breakfast at Tiffany's 1961 Dick Crockett
My Fair Lady 1964 Geoffrey Steele
Rosemary's Baby 1968 Al Szathmary
Dirty Harry 1971 George Burrafato
Deliverance 1972 Pete Ware
Herbie Rides Again 1974 Vito Scotti
The Shaggy D.A. 1976 Henry Slate
Exorcist II: The Heretic 1977 Bill Grant
Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo 1977 Stanley Brock
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978 Don Siegel
Oh Heavenly Dog 1980 Jérôme Tiberghien
An American Werewolf in London 1981 Alan Ford
Cat People 1982 Patricia Perkins
Curse of the Pink Panther 1983 William Hootkins
Cloak & Dagger 1984 Nicholas Guest
Firestarter 1984 Antonio Fargas
After Hours 1985 Larry Block
Desperately Seeking Susan 1985 Rockets Redglare
European Vacation 1985 Derek Deadman
Into the Night 1985 Domingo Ambriz
Legal Eagles 1986 Paul Jabara
Over the Top 1987 Joe Kiel
Coming to America 1988 Michael Tadross
Waxwork 1988 Steven Santamaria
The Return of Swamp Thing 1989 Albert B Cooper IV
Gremlins 2: The New Batch 1990 Vladimir Bibic
Hard to Kill 1990 Bernie Bielawski
It 1990 Jay Brazeau
Jacob's Ladder 1990 Sam Coppola
Nuns on the Run 1990 Tex Fuller
Side Out 1990 E Lloyd Napier
    Lance E Nichols
Green Card 1991 Ed Feldman
    Conrad Roberts
Regarding Henry 1991 Jack P Mclaughlin
Folks! 1992 Christopher Campbell
    Will Knickerbocker
Kuffs 1992 Allan A Apone
Patriot Games 1992 Gregory Paul Jackson
Sleepless in Seattle 1993 Philip Levy
Forrest Gump 1994 Michael Mattison
Junior 1994 Peter Chen
Milk Money 1994 Tony D Davis
Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult 1994 Robert J Elisberg
Jingle All the Way 1996 Walter von Huene
Dark City 1998 Peter Callan
    Justin Monjo
Godzilla 1998 Al Sapienza
Rush Hour 1998 Gene LeBell
The Astronaut's Wife 1999 Lahai Fahnbulleh
Ringu 2 1999 Isao Yatsu
The Story of Us 1999 Matthew Moreno
Cast Away 2000 Derick Alexander
Cowboy Bebop the Movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door 2001 Michael Lindsay
Pearl Harbor 2001 Larry Wegger
Mona Lisa Smile 2003 Ed Peed
Old School 2003 Stuart Cornfeld
What a Girl Wants 2003 Newton Boothe
Beerfest 2006 Artist W Robinson
My Super Ex-Girlfriend 2006 Edward M Kelahan
Night at the Museum 2006 Charles Q Murphy
Superman Returns 2006 Henry Browne
The Happening 2008 Bill Chemerka
Meet Dave 2008 Larry Purtell
Nim's Island 2008 Jeff Dornan
One Missed Call 2008 Bob Seel
Suspension 2008 David E Old Sr
You Don't Mess with the Zohan 2008 Chris Rock
Total Movies: 71

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