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Craig BurnsMy Family

This website contains a couple of section devoted to my family.  My second web project was a dedication to my first wife Jolynne.  She passed away in 1999 due to a genetic illness called Neimann-Pick Type C.  Since then I've remarried and have two more children.  We have some family photo albums online although these do not get updated as much as I'd like.  My son, Fletcher, was born with some serious health issues and so he now has a section of his own.  My wife Denise now has entered the blogosphere and, although somewhat computer illiterate, is getting some great information out there about what's going on in her and our lives.  Kayleigh has also started blogging and that's caused me to start also.

Doctor Who

This was the first website I started way back when I had 2MB on AOL.  It was also the only website I had when I got my domain www.type40.com.  I've added a few things to the domain since then but my Doctor Who pages have been pared back slightly.  I will one day revisit these again...


Another one of my interests is anime (or Japanese cartoons).  I started off with a website dedicated to Tenchi Muyo, one of the first anime I enjoyed since the invention of the Internet.  I have since added anime shows to this so that it has become more of a "anime that I have seen" site.  It shared a database with the Episode Guides but can be separated out.  It also shared a database with "Movies I've Seen" for anime movies.

Episode Guides

What is this?  Good question...  Believe it or not, this started when my wife got me to watching Ally McBeal with her.  We wanted to know a little more about the episodes that we missed and so I looked them up on the web.  At the time there was little on there about them so I compiled lists of the episodes and put them online (I weird that way).  This evolved into a listing of television shows that I have enjoyed throughout my life.  When I realized that my anime pages where beginning to mirror my episode guides, I merged the two even though you can still see the anime separately.


I have collected comic books off and on my whole life.  I have none of the comics that I had before high school in my collection though, I have no idea where they went.  Anyway, I used to have Comic Collector software that I used to store my collection in.  I lost the software during a computer move and the company had gone out of business.  I still had the mdb though and wrote my own software.  I then created these pages to see the comics that I have in my collection.  Not meaningful to many people other than me, but hey, that's all these web pages are really anyway.

Oklahoma Sooners

I have lived in Oklahoma most of my life and was raised a Sooner fan (even though my father is an OSU fan).  I have always liked watching the Sooners on TV and listening to them on the radio.  I grew more into a fan when I moved to Mississippi to go to college.  I played football there for a division II school called Mississippi College.  I was the only Okie there and had to defend the Sooners amongst all the SEC-are-the-best people in the South.  Unfortunately that was at the end of the Switzer era and I had to hear about all of the "evil" things that went on on the OU campus.  It was about that time that I started routing for Oklahoma State also, although I would never pick them over OU during Bedlam!  I found that when I was in "hostile territory", I had to pull for all of the teams from my home state.

My wife is an OSU fan but my oldest daughter likes OU - though not a true football fan.  My youngest daughter isn't all that interested in football at this time either...  I'm hoping that my son will be so we can spend time watching the games together.  Maybe one day, when he's off the ventilator, we can catch a game in Norman...


I enjoy watching movies.  I spend way too much time watching movies.  When I worked at the Secretary of State's office in Mississippi, one of my co-workers named Richard loved movies about as much as I do.  While we were talking one day we wondered who had seen more movies so we thought it might be fun to make a list of all of the movies we've seen.  What can I say, my freakiness has caused me to create the Movies I've Seen section.

Guest Books

These Guest Books started on just the Doctor Who section and the first entry was made on 25 Jun 2002 8:41:22 PM CST by myself.  The next (external) entry was made on 26 Aug 2002 2:40:09 PM CST.

As I added more sections to this website, I adapted the Guest Book to accommodate multiple site entries so that each section could be separate.  Although they all used the same table to store information, each section's pages were maintained apart.  Later, I combined these a little with include pages and parameter indicating what GB to manipulate.  Now in this version I have drawn them all into one, still separate but also more together.  There are still a few bugs to work out but all-in-all it works pretty well.

I took these pages down for a while to eliminate SPAM.  They are now back online without the ability to enter a guest book entry.

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