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Who's That Girl? Details
Title: Who's That Girl?
Release Date: 7 Aug 1987
Writer: Andrew Smith
Director: James Foley
Starring: Madonna; Griffin Dunne; Haviland Morris; John McMartin     [all]
Country: United States
Language: English
Certification: PG
Run Time: 92 min
Color: Color (Technicolor)
Sound: 70 mm 6-Track (70 mm prints) \ Dolby (35 mm prints)
Tag Line: A funny thing happened on the way to the bus station
Tags: Comedy
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Regular Cast
Name Role  
Madonna Nikki Finn    
Griffin Dunne Louden Trott    
Haviland Morris Wendy Worthington    
John McMartin Simon Worthington    
Bibi Besch Mrs Worthington    
John Mills Montgomery Bell    
Robert Swan Detective Bellson    
Drew Pillsbury Detective Doyle    
Coati Mundi Raoul    
Dennis Burkley Benny    
James Dietz Buck    
Cecile Callan Sandy - Wendy's Friend    
Karen Elise Baldwin Heather -- Wendy's friend    
Kimberlin Brown Rachel - Wendy's Friend    
Crystal Carson Denise - Wendy's Friend    
Elaine Wilkes Holly - Wendy's Friend    
Tony La Fortezza Cabbie    
Thomas Pinnock Cabbie    
Alvin Hammer Cabbie    
Sean Gregory Sullivan Gun dealer    
Helen Lloyd Breed Co-op Board Chairwoman    
Dalton Dearborn Co-op Member    
Robert E Weill Co-op Member    
Robert Cornthwaite Minister    
Albert Popwell Parole Chairman    
Alice Nunn Woman Parole Member    
Gary Basaraba Shipping Clerk    
Ron Taylor 1st Dock Worker    
Stanley Tucci 2nd Dock Worker    
Mike Starr Shipping Co-Worker    
Dwight Crawford Bicycle Messenger    
Laura Drake Shirley    
Efrat Lavi Entourage Saleswoman    
Mary Gillis Gown Woman    
Roy Brocksmith Crystal Salesman    
Ted Hayden Flatware Salesman    
Deryl Carroll Florist    
Beatrice Colen Secretary    
Susan Bugg Law Secretary    
Robert Clotworthy Lawyer    
Lexie Shine Judy    
Faith Minton Donovan    
Judy Kerr Prison Oficer    
Darwyn Carson Prison Reception Guard    
Andre Rosey Brown Record Store Security Guard    
Brad Rearden Record Store Cashier    
Bert Rosario Greasy Guy    
Patrick McCord Traffic Cop    
Liz Sheridan Nurse    
Shari Summers Nurse    
Glenn Plummer Harlem Kid    
Lance Slaughter Harlem Kid    
Alon Williams Harlem Kid    
Mario Gardner Harlem Kid    
Dennis Brown Harlem Kid    
Carmen Filpi Street Bum    
Robert Benjamin Pope Street Bum    
Gerald Orange Drunk in Harlem Hallway    
Shelly Lipkin Tiffany Salesman    
Ellen Crawford Tiffany Saleswoman    
Pat Romano Rolls Royce Thief    
Gary Tacon Rolls Royce Thief    
Jinaki Lady on Bus    
Glen Chin Bank Guard    
Lloyd Kino Bank Officer    
Clive Rosengren Bus Driver    
Scott Harms Motorcycle Cop    
Cristian Letelier Motorcycle Cop    
Sanders Cupac Motorcycle Cop    
Meilani Figalan Amazon Woman    
Philip Romano Fencing Opponent    
Lea Lashaway Screaming Woman    
Michael Scott Henderson Raoul's Driver    
Marilyn Ammons Prisoner    
Arthur Tovey Butler    

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