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Sliders - Summary

Sliders Details
Title: Sliders
Aired: 22 Mar 1995 - 4 Feb 2000
  Ran for 5 seasons (88 episodes)
Starring: Jerry O'Connell; Sabrina Lloyd; Cleavant Derricks; John Rhys-Davies     [all]
Country: United States
Language: English
Certification: Unknown
Run Time: Unknown
Color: Unknown
Sound: Dolby
First Episode: Pilot (Part 1)
Last Episode: The Seer
Tags: Science Fiction; Alternate Reality
I haven't seen many of these episodes but the ones I have seen were pretty good.  I saw most of the first season and thought it might have a "Quantum Leap" feel to it.  I quit watching this when Fox decided to pick it up for another season over Doctor Who.


Distributor: FOX     [more info]
  Sci-Fi Channel     [more info]
Prod Company: St. Clare Entertainment     [more info]
  Studios USA Television     [more info]
  Universal TV     [more info]
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Source(s): Sliders Into The Vortex
(Warning: Possible Spoliers)  
Sliders is a science fiction television series that ran from 1995–2000, across five seasons. The series focuses on a group of travellers who "slide" between parallel worlds by use of an Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky bridge.

The first three seasons of Sliders were shown by the Fox Network. It was cancelled after the first season, which was broadcast from March to May 1995, but was brought back for a second season from March to July 1996. A third season was broadcast from September 1996 to May 1997. The Sci Fi channel produced the fourth (June 1998 to April 1999) and fifth (from June 1999) seasons, but cancelled it in February 2000.

In the UK, the BBC showed the first three seasons from September 1996 to January 1999. The episodes were (confusingly) shown out of order. No episodes have been repeated and the fourth and fifth seasons were not aired. The Sci Fi channel often shows all five seasons of Sliders in daily rotation.

The show was produced by Tracy Tormé, son of singer Mel Tormé (Mel Tormé appeared in an episode as himself, or rather a "double" of himself).

The series was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in its first two seasons, but moved to Los Angeles, California for the last three seasons.

The nature of the show changed during the seasons. Most fans tend to prefer the first two seasons, which focused on alternate histories and alternate social norms. These stories explored what would happen if America was ruled by Russia, if Penicillin had not been invented, and if men were subservient to women in a clear sexist divide.

The third season introduced the first change to the running of Sliders. Episodes became more action-oriented in focus and was the beginning of a downward slide, making it arguably the least favourite season among fans.

The main focus of the fourth and fifth seasons was the war against the Kromaggs and though popular in their own right, many fans say this is where the series jumped the shark.

However, within these changing themes, a pattern was soon developed running through each and every episode: The Sliders arrive on a new world, often following a prelude, narrowly escaping a plight from the previous slide, trouble ensues and the Sliders are separated, after much drama, the Sliders reunite with the timer and escape.

- From Wikipedia
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Episodes: 88
Reg Cast: 8
Songs: 0
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DVD's: 2

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Notice: "Sliders" the television show was created by Robert K. Weiss and Tracy Torme, produced by St. Clare Entertainment and distributed by MCA Television Limited.
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