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The Sarah Jane Adventures - Summary

The Sarah Jane Adventures Details
Title: The Sarah Jane Adventures
Other Titles: SJA
Aired: 1 Jan 2007 - Current
  Running for 2 seasons (23 episodes) so far...
Starring: Elisabeth Sladen; Yasmin Paige; Tommy Knight; Daniel Anthony     [all]
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Year 1st Seen: 2007
Certification: Unknown
Run Time: 25 min*
Color: Color
Sound: Unknown
First Episode: Invasion of the Bane
Last Episode: Enemy of the Bane (Part 2)
Tags: Science Fiction; Doctor Who
Gotta watch 'em.  My favorite companion from my favorite TV show, Doctor Who in her own spin-off.


Prod Company: BBC     [more info]
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  * Runtime per episode
(Warning: Possible Spoliers)  
The Sarah Jane Adventures is a British children's television series, produced by BBC Wales for CBBC, starring Elisabeth Sladen and created by Russell T. Davies. The programme is a spin-off of the long-running BBC science fiction programme Doctor Who, and focuses on the adventures of investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith. The series debuted on BBC One with a 60-minute special on 1 January 2007. A full series of ten 30-minute episodes will follow later in the year. The series will be made up of five two-part stories. It is set in present-day West London.

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Franchise: Doctor Who

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Episodes: 23
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