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Afro Samurai: Resurrection - Summary

Afro Samurai: Resurrection Details
Title: Afro Samurai: Resurrection
Other Titles: アフロサムライ:RESURRECTION  (Japanese)
Release Date: 25 Jan 2009
Writer: Eric S Calderon; Leo Chu
Director: Fuminori Kizaki
Starring: Samuel L Jackson; Zachary Gordon; Mark Hamill; Lucy Liu     [all]
Country: United States
Language: English
Year 1st Seen: 2009
Certification: TV-MA
Run Time: 97 min
Color: Color
Sound: Unknown
Tags: Anime


ADR Prod: STUDIOPOLIS INC.     [more info]
Animation Prod: Gonzo     [more info]
Broadcaster: Spike TV     [more info]
Licensed by: FUNimation     [more info]
Prod Company: Gonzo     [more info]
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(Warning: Possible Spoliers)  
Afro Samurai: Resurrection is a 2009 film sequel to the 2007 Afro Samurai anime; the movie was shown on Spike TV, on January 25, 2009. American actor Samuel L. Jackson returns as the voice for Afro and Ninja-Ninja, while this time he is joined by Lucy Liu who voices Afros' enemy Sio, Mark Hamill also joins as the voice of Sio's protector and henchman Bin. Yuri Lowenthal also returns as the voice of Jinno / Kuma.

Afro has found peace and no longer fights, but one stormy night Kuma and Sio find Afro and take the Number One headband from him. There's been some controversy as to how Sio took the band from Afro because she did not challenge him and she did not have to number two. Sio then tells Afro her plans to resurrect his dead father so she can torture him. Upon hearing this, Afro decides to find and reclaim the Number Two headband once more, as only the Number Two can defeat the Number One. Sio wants revenge on Afro for the people he has killed on his journey to become the Number One. She blames Afro for what has happened to Jinno (Kuma) who, during Sio's flashback, is revealed to be Sio's older brother. After getting his sword sharpened and cleaned, Afro first stops at a gambling house run by Brother 3 of the Empty Seven Clan, of which only Brother 1 (now paralyzed and bound to a stretcher, mostly gibbering nonsense) and he are the only survivors after the events of the first series (along with the mysterious Brother 7 who has yet to appear). He challenges Afro to a game of dice. If Afro wins, he will get the information on the Number Two headband. If Afro loses, Brother 3 takes his head. 3, however, tries to cheat using loaded dice, but Afro quickly uncovers the ruse. Beaten at his own game, Brother 3 gives up the information that a man named Shichigoro has it and where to find him.

Afro sets out and soon meets up with the man, coincidentally, as he is trying to save his son from a bandit. The two eventually get to know each other and gain each other's silent respect. However, Shichigoro knows what Afro is after but is unwilling to relinquish the headband without a fight (moreover due to a promise he made to his son's real father). Thus the two do battle; Afro, while trying not to kill Shichigoro, is forced to take the fight into crowded areas to gain the advantage, though both combatants are hindered somewhat by Sio's henchmen, who try to get the drop on the two but are quickly dispatched. In the end, Afro manages to win by stabbing Shichigoro through the body of one of Sio's henchmen, much to the horror of Shichigoro's son, Kitaro, who witnessed the end of the battle. Regardless Afro continues on, the Number Two headband regained.

Sio and Jinno soon met up with Afro and inform him to meet them at Cherry Hill for the final battle, showing Afro the spine and head of his father to get him riled. Soon Afro reaches said spot but first must contend with cyborg versions of Sio's family that were indirectly murdered by Afro. He is wounded badly, but manages to beat them after a massive battle. During this battle Sio murders Dharma and releases Afro's father prematurely. A weary and bloodied Afro continues to the final spot where Sio and Jinno are waiting. But rather than fight Afro themselves, they reveal the revived form of Afro's father, Rokutaro (albeit now more of a psychopathic brute as Sio stopped the resurrection development before reason could be added to the clone). This causes Afro to go into shock as the clone attacks him. Throughout the fight, Ninja-Ninja tries convince Afro that the clone isn't his real father. But Afro is hesitant to attack, thus he is beaten senselessly by his clone father and eventually strangled to death. Sio starts to relish her successful revenge but Jinno, whose memories had flooded back to him after witnessing the fight, begins to think that he is another time period (when he and Afro were friends). This is also shown again at his death when he repeats the same words to Sio that were said years ago and that had no bearing on the current event taking place.. "Its been a while, hasnt it Sio? How are you?". Jinno then attacks the clone but gets both arms cut off, leading to Sio attempting to save him only for both to be impaled (much in the same manner how Afro killed Shichigoro). Both die in each others' arms as the clone takes the Number One headband for himself, but an electrical current from Jinno's body conducts from their blood on the ground onto Afro, restarting his heart and bringing him back to life.

Finally coming to terms that his real father died a long time ago, Afro takes the sword of his fallen friend, wrapping the Number Two headband around his hand. After one last standoff, Afro is able to kill his father's clone and take back the Number One headband. As he heads back, Kitaro, who had been following Afro much of the way, confronts him with Shichigoro's sword. Afro gives him the Number Two headband and tells him, "Anytime you're ready," just as Justice had told him as a boy. With that, Afro, along with Ninja-Ninja, head back to their home on Mount Shumi. At the end credits, a scene shows a masked ninja waiting patiently in a wasteland. Noting someone approaching, he mentions, "Been waiting a long time for you". The person in question being none other than Justice as the movie closes, hinting at the possibility of a third installment in the series.

- From Wikipedia
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