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Hellsing - Summary

Hellsing Details
Title: Hellsing
Other Titles: Herushingu  (Japanese)
ヘルシング  (Japanese)
Aired: 10 Oct 2001 - 16 Jan 2002
  Ran for 1 season (13 episodes)
Starring: Victoria Harwood; K T Gray; Crispin Freeman; J B Blanc     [all]
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year 1st Seen: 2009
Certification: TV-MA
Run Time: 25 min*
Color: Color
Sound: Unknown
First Episode: The Undead
Last Episode: Hellfire
Opening Theme: Logos Naki World
Ending Theme: Shine
Tags: Anime; Action; Drama; Horror; Supernatural
Content: Sex; Drugs; Extreme Graphic Violence
I've been wanting to watch this for awhile.  Just got a round tuit.


Broadcaster: Fuji TV     [more info]
  Encore Action     [more info]
Licensed by: Geneon     [more info]
Prod Company: Fuji TV     [more info]
  Gonzo     [more info]
  Hellsing K.G.     [more info]
  Pioneer LDC     [more info]
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Source(s): Anime News Network
  * Runtime per episode
(Warning: Possible Spoliers)  
Hellsing (ヘルシング, Herushingu) is a Japanese Manga series written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano. It first premiered in Young King Ours in 1997 and ended in September 2008. The individual chapters are collected and published in tankobon volumes by Shōnen Gahosha, with 9 volumes released as of October 2008. Hellsing chronicles the efforts of the mysterious and secret Hellsing Organization, as it combats vampires, ghouls, and other supernatural foes who threaten the United Kingdom.

The manga series is licensed for English language release in North America by Dark Horse Comics, in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment, and in Singapore by Chuang Yi. In 2001, Hirano began publishing chapters of a prequel series, Hellsing: The Dawn, in special editions of Young King OURs, with six chapters released as of September 2008.

An Anime series of the same name was produced by Gonzo. Directed by Umanosuke Iida, the series was based on the manga, but used a screenplay by Chiaki Konaka and is significantly different from the manga in terms of plot, though it uses some of the same characters and similar character designs. Spanning 13 episodes, it was broadcast on Japan's Fuji Television from October 10, 2001 to January 16, 2002. An original video animation (OVA) entitled Hellsing Ultimate is being produced by Satelight and Geneon. The first episode was released on January 22, 2006, with the OVA series following the manga story line more closely than the first anime series. As of November 21, 2008 five episodes have been released.

Hellsing centers on the Holy Order of Protestant Knights, led by the latest member of the bloodline of Abraham Van Helsing. Their mission is to protect Queen and Country from the undead and other supernatural forces of evil. The organization is run by Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, who inherited her responsibility as its director after the death of her father in her early teenage years. She is served by her faithful family butler and former Hellsing "trashman," Walter C. Dornez, and Alucard, a powerful vampire that was captured by the family a hundred years ago and serves as the organization's current "trashman." They are later joined by former police officer Seras Victoria, who becomes a Hellsing soldier when she is turned into a vampire by Alucard.

After an attack on Hellsing's headquarters, Sir Integra hires the Wild Geese mercenary group to replace the men who are lost in battle. The leader of the group is Captain Pip Bernadotte, a womanizing Frenchman. He is known for his habit of constantly teasing Seras Victoria.

- From Wikipedia
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Episodes: 13
Reg Cast: 16
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