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Lie to Me
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Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Episode Title: Lie to Me
First Aired: 3 Nov 1997
Production Code: 5V07
Episode No: 7
Overall No: Episode 19 of 144
Season: 2
Writer: Joss Whedon
Director: Joss Whedon
(Warning: Possible Spoilers)
A friend of Buffy's from her old school in LA named Billy "Ford" Fordham arrives in Sunnydale and somehow he knows that she's a Slayer.  What she doesn't know is that he wants to be made into a vampire and is willing to do some terrible things in the process and Buffy is the trade-off.  Buffy escapes from Spike but Ford is not so lucky.
  Name   Role
  Joss Whedon   Director
  Joss Whedon   Writer

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