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They Keep Killing Suzie
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Show: Torchwood
Episode Title: They Keep Killing Suzie
First Aired: 3 Dec 2006
Episode No: 8
Overall No: Episode 8 of 26
Season: 1
Duration: 42 min 40 sec
Writers: Paul Tomalin; Dan McCulloch
Director: James Strong
Script Editors: Helen Raynor; Brian Minchin
Country Viewers Rank Appr
United Kingdom Unknown Unknown 85%
(Warning: Possible Spoilers)
Torchwood is called in when people start getting murdered and the murderer uses the victims' blood to write "Torchwood" on the walls.  The team decides to use the resurrection glove on the victims to find out more about their killer.  Gwen uses the glove when everyone else refuses and Jack cannot get it to work.  When evidence points toward Suzie, they decide to resurrect her for questioning.  With Suzie though, the procedure seems to have taken permanent effect.  Gwen takes pity on her and sneaks her out of the offices to see her father.  Meanwhile the rest of the team discover that Suzie is draining the life out of Gwen and that she'll die with a couple of hours.  By the time they realize that they're gone, Torchwood goes into lockdown - evidently caused by a hidden back door left by Suzie before she died.

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