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Name: Paul Pelletier
Birth: Unknown 
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Date Title Role  
1994 Dumb & Dumber Preservation Partier
1996 Kingpin Beaver Bowl Hustler
1998 There's Something About Mary Cordosa Gamblers
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Total Movies: 3
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Adventures of Superman (Regular V:1)
    Penciller on Issue(s):   632 
Beast (Limited Series V:1)
    Penciller on Issue(s):   3      Inker on Issue(s):   3 
Cutting Edge (One-Shot V:1)
    Penciller on Issue(s):   1 
Exiles (Limited Series V:1)
    Penciller on Issue(s):   1 
Exiles (Regular V:1)
    Penciller on Issue(s):   73  74 
Gambit & The X-Ternals (Limited Series V:1)
    Penciller on Issue(s):   2 
Green Lantern (Regular V:3)
    Penciller on Issue(s):   66  67  68  69  70  71  72  73  76  77  94  96  102  104  106  109 
Incredible Hulk, The (Regular V:2)
    Penciller on Issue(s):   407  408  409  410  411  412 
Silver Surfer (Regular V:3)
    Penciller on Issue(s):   132  133 
Siren (Limited Series V:1)
    Penciller on Issue(s):   2 
Superman (Regular V:2)
    Penciller on Issue(s):   159  163 
Superman: The Man of Steel (Regular V:1)
    Penciller on Issue(s):   49 
Tangent Comics / Trials Of The Flash (One-Shot V:1)
    Penciller on Issue(s):   1 
Uncanny X-Men / Fantastic Four '98 (Annual V:1)
    Penciller on Issue(s):   1 
X-Force (Regular V:1)
    Penciller on Issue(s):   37 
X-Men Prime (One-Shot V:1)
    Penciller on Issue(s):   1 

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