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Name: Jesse Delperdang
Birth: Unknown 
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Captain America (Regular V:3)
    Inker on Issue(s):   14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22 
Gambit (Regular V:3)
    Inker on Issue(s):   7 
Incredible Hulk, The (Regular V:2)
    Inker on Issue(s):   455 
Iron Man (Regular V:3)
    Inker on Issue(s):   20 
Marvel Team-Up (Regular V:2)
    Inker on Issue(s):   10 
Onslaught: Marvel (One-Shot V:1)
    Inker on Issue(s):   1 
Professor Xavier and the X-Men (Regular V:1)
    Inker on Issue(s):   4  6 
Thor (Regular V:2)
    Inker on Issue(s):   32 
Uncanny X-Men, The (Regular V:1)
    Inker on Issue(s):   339 
Wolverine (Regular V:2)
    Inker on Issue(s):   96 
X-Force (Regular V:1)
    Inker on Issue(s):   50 
X-Men (Regular V:2)
    Inker on Issue(s):   47  82  92 

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