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Name:  Driver
Role names are sometimes combined and may not be the same character in the movies, TV shows, etc.  For example: The character "Policeman" may be in several shows and not necessarily be the same policeman.
Role Links
Title Date   Person  
Lawrence of Arabia 1963 Bert Holliday
    Bryan Pringle
Viva Las Vegas 1964 Robert Aiken
Girl Happy 1965 Darren Dublin
Casino Royale 1967 Stirling Moss
The Love Bug 1969 Tom Bamford
    Kim Brewer
    Richard Brill
    Hall Brock
    Roy Butterfield
    Bill Couch
    Everett Creach
    Gene Curtis
    Dana Derfus
    Rudy Doucette
    Bob Drake
    Ted Duncan
    Bud Ekins
    Dick Geary
    Lynn Grate
    Hal Grist
    Bob Harris
    Bill Hickman
    Robert F Hoy
    Robert James
    Gerald Jann
    Fred Krone
    Jock Mahoney
    Jim McCullough Sr
    Regina Parton
    Regis Parton
    Marion J Playan
    Rex Ramsey
    Ronnie Rondell Jr
    Gene Roscoe
    Larry Schmitz
    Fred Stromsoe
    John Timanus
    Dale Van Sickel
    Dick Warlock
    Jesse Wayne
    Glenn R Wilder
    Charles Willis
    JJ Wilson
Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo 1977 Jerry Brutsche
    Bill Erickson
    Bob Harris
    Kevin Johnston
    Carey Loftin
    Regis Parton
    Dick Warlock
    Jesse Wayne
The North Avenue Irregulars 1979 Douglas Hume
Scavenger Hunt 1979 Marian Streckler
Mommie Dearest 1981 Michael Talbott
Scarface 1983 Richard Caselnova
    Tony Pann
Angel 1984 Robert Acey
The Philadelphia Experiment 1984 Don Dolan
Police Academy 1984 James Bearden
Runaway 1984 Dennis Kelli
To Live and Die in L.A. 1985 Alan Baltes
No Mercy 1986 Mike Bacarella
Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time 1991 Vic Trevino
Addams Family Values 1993 Ian Abercrombie
Carnosaur 1993 Patricia Harrington
Father Hood 1993 Michael Moody
Casper: A Spirited Beginning 1997 Phillip Connery
Liar Liar 1997 Mike Grief
Dennis the Menace Strikes Again! 1998 Tom Forrest
Soldier 1998 Tom Schultz
Payback 1999 George O'Mara
Monkeybone 2001 John Sylvain
Phone Booth 2003 Phil Paul Call
Batman Begins 2005 Michael Stailey
August Rush 2007 Jamal Joseph
Wanted 2008 Julia Copeland
    Larry Nazimek
Slumdog Millionaire 2009 Kinder Singh
X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2009 Rob Flanagan
Total Movies: 80
Television Shows (Cast)
Show Seas Group Person
Chobits (2002) All     Ron Allen
Witch Hunter Robin (2002) All     Tadahisa Saizen   (Japanese)
Zone of the Enders (2001) All     Tetsu Inada   (Japanese)
Television Shows (Guest)
Show Episode Person
009-1 (2006) Pop Kiyotaka Furushima
Ally McBeal (1997-2002) In Search of Pygmies Chet Grissom
Automan (1983-1984) Staying Alive While Running a High Flashdance Fever James Storm
Bionic Woman (1976-1978) Claws Bob Basso
  Claws Sam Vlahos
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) I Was Made to Love You Paul Darrigo
  Beer Bad Joshua Wheeler
Dark Angel (2000-2002) Dark Angel (Part 1) Ty Olsson
  Dark Angel (Part 2) Ty Olsson
Doctor Who (1963-1989) The Claws of Axos (Part 1) Nick Hobbs
  The Claws of Axos (Part 2) Nick Hobbs
  The Claws of Axos (Part 3) Nick Hobbs
  The Claws of Axos (Part 4) Nick Hobbs
Doctor Who (2005-Current) Fear Her Richard Nichols
  The Unquiet Dead Meic Povey
Ghost Stories (2000-2001) Terror at Bloodstain Lake!! Apparition in the Snow Reeves Gentry
  The Headless Horsemen!! Curse of Death Jacob A Gragard
  The Headless Horsemen!! Curse of Death Seki Tomokazu
Knight Rider (1982-1986) White Bird Eddy Dono
  Knight of a Thousand Devils Gary McMillan
Kolchak The Night Stalker (1972-1975) The Ripper Clint Young
M*A*S*H (1972-1983) Where There's a Will, There's a War Ned Bellamy
  Showtime Stanley Clay
  Run For the Money Ron Kapra
  Fade Out, Fade In (Part 1) James Lough
  Fade Out, Fade In (Part 2) James Lough
  The Party Burt Metcalfe
  Dear Sis Perren Page
  Death Takes a Holiday Perren Page
  Follies of the Living - Concerns of the Dead Perren Page
  No Sweat Perren Page
  Peace On Us Perren Page
  Identity Crisis Bill Snider
  Bless You, Hawkeye Dennis Troy
  Baby, it's Cold Outside Terry Wills
Misfits of Science (1985-1986) Your Place or Mayan? Shane McCamey
Night Gallery (1969-1973) A Death in the Family Noam Pitlik
Six Million Dollar Man (1974-1978) Fires of Hell Bob Neill
Sliders (1995-2000) Asylum Roger Hewlett
  Time Again and World Brad Loree
  The Prince of Wails Gerard Plunkett
  Last Days Hidalgo Rubin
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008-Current) Heavy Metal Hector Atreyu Ruiz
Torchwood (2006-Current) Sleeper Matthew Arwel Pegram
Twilight Zone (1959-1964) A Penny for Your Thoughts Frank London
  In His Image George Petrie
Wonder Woman (1975-1979) The Bermuda Triangle Crisis George Jordan

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