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Slayers Special - Summary

Slayers Special Details
Title: Slayers Special
Other Titles: Slayers Book of Spells
スレイヤーズすぺしゃる  (Japanese)
Aired: 1 Jan 1996
  Ran for 1 season (3 episodes)
Starring: Amanda Winn Lee; Marcy Rae; Tiffany Grant; Doug Smith     [all]
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Certification: Unknown
Run Time: Unknown
Color: Unknown
Sound: Unknown
First Episode: The Scary Chimera Plan
Last Episode: Mirror, Mirror
Opening Theme: Run All the Way!
Ending Theme: Kagirinai Yokubou no Naka ni
Tags: Anime; Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Comedy
Content: Mild Language; Nudity; Bloody Violence


Licensed by: ADV Films     [more info]
Prod Company: Bandai Visual     [more info]
  Kadokawa Shoten     [more info]
  Marubeni     [more info]
  Slayers Production Committee     [more info]
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Source(s): Anime News Network
(Warning: Possible Spoliers)  
Slayers (スレイヤーズ Sureiyazu?) is a series of comedic sword and sorcery Anime and Manga that began as light novels written by Hajime Kanzaka. They chronicle the adventures of Lina Inverse and her various companions as they journey through the high fantasy world. Some of the novels, of which there are fifteen in the series, have only recently begun to be released in English in North America; 16 are currently translated and available through Tokyopop.

These adventures take place in a magical medieval setting. The anime series is organized into cycles starting out humorous, then slowly working towards serious until at the end of the cycle the fate of the world hangs in the balance. But until the very end of each of these cycles, even the most serious moments will usually have a few short moments of comic relief.

Slayers ran for three seasons. The second season goes by the name Slayers Next, and the third season is called Slayers Try. There are also numerous OVAs and movies in which Lina is partnered with the obnoxious and pretentious sorceress Naga; These adventures take place before the events of the three television seasons. The anime Lost Universe takes place in another dimension of the Slayers universe. There are also a few manga series based on the Slayers universe.

The anime series was previously released on VHS and DVD in North America by Software Sculptors. In May 2005, at Anime Central in Chicago, FUNimation Entertainment announced they have obtained the license for the TV series, as the previous owner's license expired in Fall 2005. The OVAs and movies were released in North America by ADV Films. Enoki Films holds the license to The Slayers TV series as a middleman.

- From Wikipedia
Franchise: Slayers

   Slayers: The Motion Picture (1995)
   Slayers Return (1996)
   Slayers Great (1997)
   Slayers Gorgeous (Unknown)
   Slayers Premium (2001)
Telvision Shows
   Slayers (1995)
   Slayers Special (1996)
   Slayers Next (1996)
   Slayers Try (1997)
   Slayers Excellent (1998)
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Episodes: 3
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