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War of God   [The Massacre (Part 1)]
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Show: Doctor Who
Episode Title: War of God   [The Massacre (Part 1)]
First Aired: 5 Feb 1966
Production Code: W
Episode No: 22
Overall No: Episode 103 of 696
Season: 3
Duration: 24 min 51 sec
Writer: John Lucarotti
Director: Paddy Russell
Script Editor: Donald Tosh
Country Viewers Rank Appr
United Kingdom 8 mil 45th Unknown
(Warning: Possible Spoilers)
The TARDIS materializes in 1572 in Paris.  The Doctor wants to visit Charles Preslin and Steven is is taken in by Huguenots from the Protestant Admiral de Coligny.  The Huguenots have rescued a girl named Anne Chaplet and start to get their first ideas of a plan to have all French Protestants killed.  It later appears that the Abbot of Amboise is the Doctor in disguise who is deemed responsible for the assassination attempt and is executed by the Catholics.  It is learned later that the Abbot was not actually the Doctor but a look-alike.  The Doctor and Steven escape just before the massacre starts.  The TARDIS lands on Wimbledon Common Dorothea 'Dodo' Chaplet (a distant relative of Anne) joins the TARDIS crew.

Warning: Possible Spoilers
¤ by Michael Hickerson (10/25/2006) By the time I get to this point of the Hartnell years, I tend to lament the state of the historical ...

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