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This website began on AOL as a simple Doctor Who episode guide and evolved from there.  Now I'm revamping it.


I got started with large "chapter books" (to borrow a term from my daughter's school room) in the third grade with a few Hardy Boys Mysteries. When I was in fifth grade I started reading just about anything science fiction I could get my hands on. That started when Star Wars came out at the movies. I saw it fourteen times and picked up the book. I then got Splinter of the Mind's Eye by Alan Dean Foster and it just went from there. This listing will probably be incomplete for some time since I have read a few books. I am starting with my favorite books and authors and will try to work my way through all of them. Browse if you wish and order some too if it suits your fancy. All books can be ordered from

If you have any information on books I have listed, please e-mail me at the address listed at the bottom of the page and let me know. There are several covers listed here of books that I do not personally own. Dates that covers where first released and publisher information are welcome. Also note that I have just integrated the Doctor Who books into this website and will be sorting through these for a while yet in order to get them more presentable.

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