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I just bought a Bachmann n-scale starter kit (Thunder Valley / Santa Fe Starter Train Set). Who knows what'll happen but I'm going to keep track and show it here.
Not much to see for now....
Model Trains Blog Entry
- DigiTrax Controller and a Broadway Limited CSX Locomotive
So I got my first DCC locomotive in at the same time I got my DCC starter kit - the DigiTrax Zephyr Express.  I connected it to my test track easily enough - it only took about 10 minutes.  I just used the defaults for everything right now since I've only got the one locomotive.

I then hooked everything up to my loop and added some rolling stock to see what happens.  I've heard bad things about n-scale sound but this didn't sound bad - it was a little thin but pretty good for all that.

I've attached a couple of videos here...


Presented: 12-Apr-2024 11:20:50

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