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My Stamp Collection

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This is another one of those projects of mine. I am attempting to catalogue all of the stamps in my collection. Although not a large collection, still a formidable one to gather information on in the details I'd like. So here it is...

The stamp listing is not complete as it only contains stamps that are in the collection.

Stamps issued on this day (not a comprehensive list, just the ones in my collection and catalogued to date.

Stamps issued on this day

Brazil 13-Apr-1960 10Cr$ Rui Barbosa
Canada 13-Apr-1982 30¢ Terry Fox
Canada 13-Apr-1987 36¢ Volunteers
France 13-Apr-1906 10c Semeuse with ground under feet
Germany 13-Apr-2000 110pf Greifswald
Germany 13-Apr-2000 110pf 'Expulsion from Paradise', sculpture by Leonhard Kern
Germany 13-Apr-2006 70ct Dianthus carthusianorum - Pink
United States 13-Apr-1956 20¢ Monticello (1772), Charlottesville, Virginia
United States 13-Apr-1973 Posting a Broadside
United States 13-Apr-1977 13¢ Acoma Pot
United States 13-Apr-1977 13¢ Hopi Pot
United States 13-Apr-1977 13¢ San Ildefonso Pot
United States 13-Apr-1977 13¢ Zia Pot

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