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A few events that happened on this day in history

31-Mar-1992 Joshua Miller
     in Pasadena, California, USA
31-Mar-1986 Marcello Sanna-Pickett
     in Los Angeles County, California, USA
31-Mar-1980 Christine Barger
     in Indiana, USA
31-Mar-1980 Sakamoto Maaya
     in Tokyo, Japan
31-Mar-1980 Maaya Sakamoto
     in Tokyo, Japan
31-Mar-1979 Tamara Torres
     in Denver, Colorado, USA
31-Mar-1974 Evan Cohen
31-Mar-1974 Angela Dotchin
     in Auckland, New Zealand
31-Mar-1973 Rain Phoenix
     in Crockett, Texas, USA
31-Mar-1972 Alejandro Amenábar
     in Santiago de Chile, Chile
31-Mar-1972 Andrew Bowen
     in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
31-Mar-1972 RD Robb
     in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
31-Mar-1971 Ewan McGregor
     in Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland, UK
31-Mar-1970 Damon Herriman
     in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
31-Mar-1967 Bonnie Silco
     in Sheridan, Wyoming, USA
31-Mar-1965 Steve Bing
31-Mar-1965 William McNamara
     in Dallas, Texas, USA
31-Mar-1965 Oliver Rohrbeck
     in Berlin, Germany
31-Mar-1965 John Timko
     in Torrance, California, USA
31-Mar-1965 Johnny Timko
     in Torrance, California, USA
31-Mar-1962 Darrel Guilbeau
     in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
31-Mar-1961 Howard Gordon
     in Queens, New York, New York, USA
31-Mar-1960 Anne Marie Howard
     in San Diego, California, USA
31-Mar-1960 Michelle Nicastro
     in Washington, District of Columbia, USA
31-Mar-1960 Henrik Prip
     in Denmark
31-Mar-1959 Martin Lev
31-Mar-1958 Tony Cox
     in Uniontown, Alabama, USA
31-Mar-1957 Marc McClure
     in San Mateo, California, USA
31-Mar-1957 Tommy Thomas
     in Memphis, Tennessee, USA
31-Mar-1956 Aissa Wayne
     in Burbank, California, USA
31-Mar-1954 Jay Fenichel
     in New York, USA
31-Mar-1950 Yoshifumi Kondo
     in Niigata, Japan
31-Mar-1948 Al Gore
     in Washington, District of Columbia, USA
31-Mar-1948 Rhea Perlman
     in Brooklyn, New York, USA
31-Mar-1947 Stan Wojno
     in Connecticut, USA
31-Mar-1945 Valerie Curtin
     in New York, New York, USA
31-Mar-1945 Gabe Kaplan
     in Brooklyn, New York, USA
31-Mar-1943 Salvatore Billa
     in Catania, Sicily, Italy
31-Mar-1943 Christopher Walken
     in Queens, New York, USA
31-Mar-1940 Patrick Leahy
     in Montpelier, Vermont, USA
31-Mar-1938 Michiko Nomura
     in Kanagawa, Japan
31-Mar-1938 Nathaniel Taylor
     in St. Louis, Missouri, USA
31-Mar-1935 Herb Alpert
     in Los Angeles, California, USA
31-Mar-1934 Richard Chamberlain
     in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
31-Mar-1933 Bob Simmons
     in Fulham, England, UK
31-Mar-1929 Alexander Davion
     in France
31-Mar-1929 Lee Patterson
     in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
31-Mar-1928 John Lee
     in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
31-Mar-1928 John Rafter Lee
     in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
31-Mar-1928 Herb Muller
31-Mar-1927 William Daniels
     in Brooklyn, New York, USA
31-Mar-1926 Sydney Chaplin
     in Los Angeles, California, USA
31-Mar-1924 Patrick Magee
     in Armagh, Northern Ireland, UK
31-Mar-1924 Roy Poole
     in San Bernardino, California, USA
31-Mar-1923 Donald Elson
     in Chicago, Illinois, USA
31-Mar-1922 Richard Kiley
     in Chicago, Illinois, USA
31-Mar-1921 Peggy Rea
     in Los Angeles, California, USA
31-Mar-1920 Hugh McPhillips
     in Suffern, New York, USA
31-Mar-1919 Amelia Bayntun
31-Mar-1918 Ted Post
     in Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
31-Mar-1916 Lucille Bliss
     in New York City, New York, USA
31-Mar-1907 Eddie Quillan
     in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
31-Mar-1896 Eddie Dunn
     in Brooklyn, New York, USA
31-Mar-1892 Doro Merande
     in Columbia, Kansas, USA

31-Mar-2006 Taylor Williams
     in St Joseph, Michigan, USA
31-Mar-2005 Claus Jurichs
31-Mar-2000 Barbara Perlman
31-Mar-1998 Eda Reiss Merin
     in Los Angeles, California, USA.
31-Mar-1996 Greg Rosatti
     in Los Angeles, California, USA
31-Mar-1993 Brandon Lee
     in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
31-Mar-1986 Jerry Paris
     in Los Angeles, California, USA
31-Mar-1982 Robert Gruber
     in Los Angeles, California, USA
31-Mar-1979 Doris Packer
     in Glendale, California, USA
31-Mar-1977 Walter McGinn
     in Los Angeles, California, USA
31-Mar-1970 Denis Cowles
     in London, England, UK.
31-Mar-1957 Harry Depp
     in Hollywood, California, USA.
31-Mar-1957 Gene Lockhart
     in Santa Monica, California, USA
31-Mar-1953 Ivan Lebedeff
     in Los Angeles, California, USA

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