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My Stamp Collection

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This is another one of those projects of mine. I am attempting to catalogue all of the stamps in my collection. Although not a large collection, still a formidable one to gather information on in the details I'd like. So here it is...

The stamp listing is not complete as it only contains stamps that are in the collection.

Stamps issued on this day (not a comprehensive list, just the ones in my collection and catalogued to date.

Stamps issued on this day

Austria 16-Apr-1993 5.50öS "Death" (wooden sculpture by Josef Stammel)
Czechoslovakia 16-Apr-1965 2Kčs Gymnastics (Tokyo, 1964)
Denmark 16-Apr-1963 15øre Figure 'wave'- type
Denmark 16-Apr-1963 25øre King Frederik IX
Denmark 16-Apr-1963 35øre King Frederik IX
France 16-Apr-1988 2.20₣ Liberty with Euro- value
German Democratic Republic 16-Apr-1974 5Pf. Alfred-Brehm-Building, Berlin Zoo - Rosy Pelican (Pelecanus
Germany 16-Apr-1952 80pf Digits with Posthorn
Germany 16-Apr-1952 90pf Digits with Posthorn
United States 16-Apr-1966 Sesquicentennial Seal, Map of Indiana with Stars & Old Capit
United States 16-Apr-1984 20¢ National Archives
United States 16-Apr-1989 25¢ Executive Branch
United States 16-Apr-2009 28¢ Polar Bear
United States 16-Apr-2009 28¢ Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus)

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