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Person List
Note: As of this time, this section is only linked to the Books, Shows and Song sections even if these people appear in other sections of the website.  Also - people associated with the Sooner Football and Stamp Collection sections are not included here unless they've appeared in one of the other sections as well.
211:11, AngelUnknown
357, JeromeUnknown - Unknown
498 DegreesUnknown
5A J29 Aug 1974 - Unknown
6Aadili, Abderrahim ElUnknown - Unknown
7Aalam, RoxanneUnknown - Unknown
8Aalda, MariannUnknown - Unknown
9Aalia, NilaUnknown
10Aaliyah16 Jan 1979 - 25 Aug 2001
11Aaltonen, Minna17 Sep 1966 - Unknown
12Aames, Angela27 Feb 1956 - 27 Nov 1988
13Aames, Willie15 Jul 1960 - Unknown
14Aaran, AbraxasUnknown
15Aaran, SteveUnknown
16Aaris, JanUnknown
17Aarn, KimberleighUnknown
18Aarniokoski, DouglasUnknown
19Aaron, Caroline7 Aug 1952 - Unknown
20Aaron, DrewUnknown - Unknown
21Aaron, EricUnknown
22Aaron, Jack1 May 1933 - Unknown
23Aaron, JasonUnknown
24Aaron, JeffUnknown
25Aaron, MichaelUnknown
26Aaron, PaulUnknown
27Aaron, Quinton15 Aug 1984 - Unknown
28Aaron, SamUnknown
29Aaronovitch, Ben1 Feb 1964 - Unknown
30Aarons, AllanUnknown
31Aarons, BonnieUnknown
32Aarons, Leroy8 Dec 1933 - 28 Nov 2004
33Aarsman, DanielUnknown
34Aasland, DerekUnknown
35Aazzi, MohamedUnknown
36ab Hugh, Dafydd22 Oct 1960 - Unknown
37Abadia, OscarUnknown
38Abadie, WilliamUnknown
39Abagnale Jr, Frank3 Mar 1948 - Unknown
40Abakaz, SuvitUnknown
41Abanes, RichardUnknown
42Abas, PamUnknown
43Abascal, PaulUnknown
44Abassi, ElizabethUnknown
45Abassi, FarahUnknown
46Abatemarco, FrankUnknown
47Abatemarco, TonyUnknown
48Abaza, Rushdy3 Aug 1926 - 27 Jul 1980
49Abbadini, KristynUnknown
50Abbasová, LejlaUnknown

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