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Frederik Pohl

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Frederik Pohl

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From the "About the Author" page in "The Siege of Eternity":

A mutliple Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author, Frederik Pohl has done just about everything one can do in the science-fiction field.  His most famous work is undoubtedly the novel Gateway, which won the Hugo, Nebula, and John W. Campbell Memorial Awards for best SF novel.  Man Plus won the Nebula Award.  His mature work is marked by a serious intellectual agenda and strongly held sociopolitical beliefs, without sacrificing narrative drive.  In addition to his successful solo fiction, Pohl has collaborated successfully with a variety of writers, including C. M. Kornbluth and Jack Williamson.  A Pohl/Kornbluth collabortation, The Space Merchants, is a long-time classic of satiric science fiction.  The Starchild Trilogy with Williamson is one of the more notable collaborations in the field.  Pohl has been a magazine editor in the field since he was very young, piloting World of If to three successive Hugos for Best Magazine.  He also has edited original-story anthologies, including the early and notable Star series of the early 1950s.  He has at various times been a literary agent, and editor of lines of science fiction books, and a president of the Science Fiction Writers of America.  For a number of years he has been active in the World SF movement.  He and his wife, Elizabeth Anne Hull, a prominent academic active in the Science Fiction Research Association, live outside Chicago, Illinois.
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# Year Title Role Series
1 1964 The Reefs of Space Writer Starchild Trilogy (1)
2 1965 Starchild Writer Starchild Trilogy (2)
3 1969 Rogue Star Writer Starchild Trilogy (3)
4 1969 The Starchild Trilogy Writer Starchild Trilogy (0)
5 1975 Farthest Star Writer Cuckoo (1)
6 1977 Gateway Writer Heechee Saga (1)
7 1980 Beyond the Blue Event Horizon Writer Heechee Saga (2)
8 1983 Wall Around a Star Writer Cuckoo (2)
9 1984 Heechee Rendezvous Writer Heechee Saga (3)
10 1985 Black Star Rising Writer 
11 1986 Terror Writer 
12 1987 The Annals of the Heechee Writer Heechee Saga (4)
13 1997 The Siege of Eternity Writer Eschaton Sequence (2)
14 1998 O Pioneer! Writer 

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