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Movie or Show Details

My Bodyguard
26 Sep 1980
United States
96 min
Comedy; Drama; Family
Tony Bill - Director
Alan Ormsby - Writer
Chris Makepeace as Clifford Peache
Adam Baldwin as Ricky Linderman
Matt Dillon as Melvin Moody
Paul Quandt as Carson
Hank Salas as Mike
Joan Cusack as Shelley
Dean R Miller as Hightower
Tim Reyna as Koontz
Richard Bradley as Dubrow
Denise Baske as Leilani
Vicky Nelson as Freddy
Tom Rielly as Reissman
Paul Charbonneau as Allen
Laura Salenger as Girl
Bert Hoddinott as Burt
Cindy Russ as Cheerleader
Laurie McEathron as Cheerleader
Lori Mandell as Crying Girl
Dean Devlin as Boy
Ruth Gordon as Gramma Peache
Martin Mull as Larry Peache
John Houseman as Mr Dobbs
Craig Richard Nelson as Griffith
Kathryn Grody as Ms Jump
Dick Cusack as Mr Roth
Dorothy Scott as Librarian
Angelo Anthony Buscaglia Jr as Basketball Coach
Kitt York as Stewardess
Marge Kotlisky as Mrs Linderman
Tim Kazurinsky as Workman
Bill Koza as Mr Dunphy
Vivian Smolen as Mrs Dunphy
Bruce Jarchow as Roberto
Andrea Dillon as Hostess
Leonard Mack as Custodian
George Wendt as Hotel Engineer
Jerome Myers as Counterman
Freddy Moss as 2nd Counterman
Joseph Cohn as 3rd Counterman
Pat Billingsley as Biology Teacher
Barbara Hoddinott as Teacher in Hallway
Eddie Gomez as Eddie
Allison Caine as Additional Voices
Jennifer Beals as Clifford's Friend
Sandra Bogan as Joan
Gary Houston as Drunk in the park
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