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About Movies and Shows


This website began on AOL as a simple Doctor Who episode guide and evolved from there.  Now I'm revamping it.

Conversion to BS-V4 Status

Movies and Shows

This section is the combination of the Episode Guides, Anime and Movies I've Seen. I've combined them because they are so similar. You may still separate out the search criteria when listing shows.

This section has now combined with the DVD's section as well.

The four basic areas in this section are:

  1. Movies - Movies I've Seen
  2. Anime - Television and Movies
  3. Doctor Who - Television and Movies
  4. Television Shows - Including Anime Television

A general explanation for some sections of this website:

  • Japanese Language: Some titles are in the Japanese language. If your browser does not support this, then you may see some strange characters such as boxes or question marks.
  • Run Times: Movie run times are for the US release only. Television show and direct to video run times are per episode. A general time of 25 minutes for a 30 minute episodes and 45 minutes for hour long episodes for television shows is used. Some television shows may have variable length episodes and in these cases the run time is the most common episode length. Where known the actual episode duration is listed on the episode details page.
  • Release Date: Some released dates are not known exactly. If this is the case, then if only the year is known the release date will be Jan 1st of that year. If the year and month are known then the release date will be the 1st of the month for that year.
  • Video Direct: If an anime is a direct to video release then the term is OVA otherwise it is listed as a Video Direct release.
  • Year 1st Watched: For what it's worth, the year first watched for episodic shows is the year I watched the first episode of that series.
  • The Rating System:
    The Rating System here is for users to rate the anime listed on this site.  This site uses 1 through 5 for the ratings.  How these values are determined is up to you.  My guidelines are as follows:

    1. Wouldn't watch again if you paid me.
    2. Might watch again but didn't really like it.
    3. I'll watch it again if it happens to be playing at the time.
    4. I'll watch this one again when the mood hits me.
    5. I'll watch this one over and over.
  • Languages: If there are no languages listed for the actors or crew then English is assumed.
  • Reviews: If you would like to write a review for one of these titles and/or episodes, please let me know at the address at the bottom of this page.
General Information
  • Not Converted: Doctor Who, Jolynne's Website, Products, Recipes
  • Semi-Converted: People, Movies and Shows
  • Possible Removal: Products, Recipes
  • Converted BSV4: Books, Comic Book Collection, Common Pages, Sooners Football, Robin Ventura Cards, Song Lyrics, Stamp Collection, USA Documents

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