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Movie or Show Details

26 Sep 2008
United States
118 min
Dolby Digital
Never Leave Your Partner Behind.
Alex Kendrick - Director
Alex Kendrick - Writer
Stephen Kendrick - Writer
Kirk Cameron as Caleb Holt
Erin Bethea as Catherine Holt
Ken Bevel as Michael Simmons
Stephen Dervan as Wayne Floyd
Eric Young as Terrell Sanders
Jason McLeod as Eric Harmon
Harris Malcom as John Holt
Phyllis Malcom as Cheryl Holt
Perry Revell as Gavin Keller
Stephanie Makulinski as Robin Cates
Renata Williams as Latasha Brown
Dwan Williams as Deidra Harris
Amberly Marquard as Ashley Phillips
Blake Bailey as Stephanie Mills
Anthony Brown as James Turner
Walter Burnett as Dr Anderson
Bailey Cave as Ross Spencer
Janet Lee Dapper as ER nurse
Allison Dawson as Mrs Turner
Taylor Glow as Megan
Tracy Goode as Benny Murphy
Carla Hawkins as Tina Simmons
Sue Holt as Mrs Campbell
Heidi Johnson as Dispatcher
Kelly Johnson as Bethany Wilson
Alex Kendrick as Pastor Strauss
Dot Majors as Erma Rudolph
Jim McBride as Carl Hatcher
Tommy McBride as Kyle Joiner
Faye Sharber as Anna Stone
Bill Stafford as Mr Rudolph
Deena Taylor as Misty Harper
Melanie Tomlinson as Kelsey Jackson
Ray Wood as Mr Campbell
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