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The Big Red One
26 Sep 1980
United States
113 min
Color (Metrocolor)
Dolby Digital (reconstruction) \ Dolby (original release)
The real glory of war is surviving.
Action; Drama; War
Samuel Fuller - Director
Samuel Fuller - Writer
Lee Marvin as The Sergeant
Mark Hamill as Pvt Griff 1st Squad
Robert Carradine as Pvt Zab 1st Squad
Bobby Di Cicco as Pvt Vinci 1st Squad
Kelly Ward as Pvt Johnson 1st Squad
Stéphane Audran as Underground Walloon fighter at asylum
Siegfried Rauch as Schroeder (German sergeant)
Serge Marquand as Rensonnet
Charles Macaulay as General/captain
Alain Doutey as Broban (Vichy sergeant)
Maurice Marsac as Vichy colonel
Colin Gilbert as Dog-face POW
Joseph Clark as Pvt Shep (soldier on troop transport)
Ken Campbell as Pvt Lemchek (#2 on Bangalore torpedo)
Doug Werner as Switolski
Perry Lang as Pvt Kaiser 1st Squad
Howard Delman as Pvt Smitty (soldier who trips mine)
Marthe Villalonga as Madame Marbaise
Giovanna Galletti as Woman in Sicilian village
Gregori Buimistre as The Hun (German soldier killed by The Sergeant in
Shimon Barr as German male nurse in Tunisian hospital
Matteo Zoffoli as Matteo (the Sicilian boy)
Abraham Ronai as German Field Marshall
Galit Rotman as Pregnant Frenchwoman
Pascal Breuer as Hitler Youth
Walter Flesch as Colonel
Samuel Fuller as Barney the War Correspondant
Anat Harel as Graziella
Ulli Kinalzik as Gerd
Christa Lang as German Countess (extended edition)
Guy Marchand as Captain Chapier
Yosef Polak as Herr Green Shirt
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