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This website began on AOL as a simple Doctor Who episode guide and evolved from there.  Now I'm revamping it.

Conversion to BS-V4 Status


I have flown a few kites in the past. My dad was a good kite flyer and he flew for over 20 years until he got too sick to continue. After he passed away, we were going to go through them and probably sell them or something. I was going through them to find a large kite for a kite flying friend of my dad's and began getting nostalgic seeing all them. I began imagining the time and effort (not counting money) that was tied up in these kites. I decided that I would fly each kite once before deciding what to do with them. In the process I have rekindled something in me. Here is a log of my kite flying since my father's passing.

OK. The kindling died down. I'm keeping this here for future reference. Who knows....

Conversion to BS-V4 Status
    Finished - fully converted but still undergoing periodic tweeking and updates.

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