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About Comic Books


This website began on AOL as a simple Doctor Who episode guide and evolved from there.  Now I'm revamping it.

Conversion to BS-V4 Status

Comic Book Collection
I bought software several years ago to help keep track of my comic books. When this company quit making upgrades for the software, and since I failed to keep it updated as needed, I thought I would rewrite the program on my own. I imported the data that I had in the Comic Book Collector database into my own and started making it more efficient (at least for me :). This is (or will be) the results.

Conversion to BS-V4 Status

General Information
  • Not Converted: Doctor Who, Jolynne's Website, Products, Recipes
  • Semi-Converted: People, Movies and Shows
  • Possible Removal: Products, Recipes
  • Converted BSV4: Books, Comic Book Collection, Common Pages, Sooners Football, Robin Ventura Cards, Song Lyrics, Stamp Collection, USA Documents

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