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Comic Book Title List
#TitleTypeVolumeCompanyIssues*In Coll**
12099 A.D. Genesis1S1Marvel Comics11
22099: World of TomorrowReg1Marvel Comics88
321LS1Image Comics33
4A.D.A.M.Ash1The Toyman11
5AbominationsLS1Marvel Comics33
6Action ComicsReg1DC Comics85239
7Action Comics AnnualAnn1DC Comics91
8Advent Rising1S1DC Comics
9Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix, TheLS1Marvel Comics44
10Adventures of SupermanReg1DC Comics22820
11Age of Apocalypse: The Chosen1S1Marvel Comics11
12Age of Innocence: The Rebirth of Iron Man1S1Marvel Comics11
13All New Exiles, TheReg2Malibu1112
14Alpha FlightReg1Marvel Comics130121
15Alpha FlightReg2Marvel Comics2020
16Alpha FlightReg3Marvel Comics1210
17Alpha Flight and Inhumans '98Ann1Marvel Comics11
18Alpha Flight AnnualAnn1Marvel Comics22
19Alpha Flight SpecialSpec1Marvel Comics11
20Alpha Flight: In The Beginning1S1Marvel Comics11
21Amazing FantasyLS2Marvel Comics33
22Amazing Scarlet Spider, TheLS1Marvel Comics22
23Amazing Spider-Man 1999Ann1Marvel Comics11
24Amazing Spider-Man 2000Ann1Marvel Comics11
25Amazing Spider-Man '96, TheAnn1Marvel Comics11
26Amazing Spider-Man '97, TheAnn1Marvel Comics11
27Amazing Spider-Man Annual, TheAnn1Marvel Comics2810
28Amazing Spider-Man Super Special, TheSpec1Marvel Comics11
29Amazing Spider-Man, TheReg1Marvel Comics442203
30Amazing Spider-Man, TheReg2Marvel Comics5828
31Amazing Spider-Man, TheReg3Marvel Comics4234
32Amazing X-MenLS1Marvel Comics44
34America's Best Comics Preview1S1Wizard Press11
35A-NextReg1Marvel Comics121
36Animal MysticLS1Cry For Dawn/Sirius41
37Animal Mystic Water WarsLS1Cry For Dawn/Sirius61
38Appleseed (Book 2)Reg1Eclipse55
39ArcanumReg1Top Cow81
40Archangel1S1Marvel Comics11
41Archangels: The SagaReg1Eternal Studios73
42Artemis: RequiemLS1DC Comics66
43AscensionReg1Top Cow231
44Ash Mini ComicMini1Event11
45Askani' SonLS1Marvel Comics44
47Astonishing X-MenLS1Marvel Comics44
48Astonishing X-MenLS2Marvel Comics33
49Astonishing X-MenReg3Marvel Comics2219
50AsylumReg1Maximum Press122
  • * Issues is just the total number of issues in this database and does not necessarily mean the total issues ever published for a title.
  • ** In Coll is the number of issues in my collection including variant covers but not including true duplicates.

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