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Comic Book Title List
#TitleTypeVolumeCompanyIssues*In Coll**
202ExilesReg1Marvel Comics9236
203Exiles AnnualAnn1Marvel Comics11
204Exiles vs. X-Men1S1Marvel/Malibu21
205Exiles: Infinity1S1Malibu13
206Faction ParadoxReg1Image Comics22
207Factor XLS1Marvel Comics44
208Fallen AngelsLS1Marvel Comics88
209Fantastic FiveReg1Image Comics55
210Fantastic ForceReg1Marvel Comics1817
211Fantastic FourReg1Marvel Comics416260
212Fantastic FourReg2Marvel Comics1315
213Fantastic FourReg3Marvel Comics7046
214Fantastic FourReg4Marvel Comics4828
215Fantastic Four 1999Ann3Marvel Comics11
216Fantastic Four 2099Reg1Marvel Comics88
217Fantastic Four '98Ann1Marvel Comics11
218Fantastic Four AnnualAnn1Marvel Comics2710
219Fantastic Four Chronicles, The1S1Fantaco11
220Fantastic Four SpecialSpec1Marvel Comics11
221Fantastic Four UnlimitedReg1Marvel Comics1313
222Fantastic Four UnpluggedReg1Marvel Comics66
223Fantastic Four Vs. X-MenLS1Marvel Comics44
224Fantastic Four: Atlantis RisingLS1Marvel Comics22
225Fantastic Four: FireworksLS1Marvel Comics32
226Fantastic Four: First FamilyLS1Marvel Comics65
227Fantastic Four: The EndLS1Marvel Comics61
229FathomReg1Image Comics1611
231Free Cerebus1S1Aardvark-Vanaheim11
232Friendly Neighborhood Spider-ManReg1Marvel Comics2222
233Friendly Neighborhood Spider-ManAnn1Marvel Comics11
234Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix, TheLS1Marvel Comics44
235Galactus the DevourerLS1Marvel Comics66
236GambitReg3Marvel Comics2517
237GambitLS2Marvel Comics44
238GambitLS1Marvel Comics44
239Gambit & The X-TernalsLS1Marvel Comics44
240Gambit 1999Ann1Marvel Comics11
241Gen 13LS1Image Comics67
242Gen 13Reg2Image Comics3936
243Gen 13Ann1Image Comics11
244Gen 13 ' Zine1S1Image Comics11
245Gen 13 / Generation X1S1Marvel/Image13
246Gen 13 / Maxx One Shot1S1Image/Wildstorm11
247Gen 13 / Monkeyman & O'BrienLS1Image Comics22
248Gen 13 BootlegReg1Image/Wildstorm2020
249Gen 13 InteractiveLS1Image Comics33
250Gen 13 Rave1S1Image Comics11
  • * Issues is just the total number of issues in this database and does not necessarily mean the total issues ever published for a title.
  • ** In Coll is the number of issues in my collection including variant covers but not including true duplicates.

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