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Lin Carter

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Lin Carter

Image of Lin Carter

Lin Carter (June 9, 1930 - February 7, 1988) was born and raised in St Petersburg, Florida.  He later returned there after serving in the US Army  in the Korean Conflict where he received a Purple Heart.  He moved to New  York City and attended Columbia University in 1953 and 1954.  He worked as  a copywriter for law firms, ad agencies, and book publishers.  In 1969 he  became a full-time writer, editor and anthologist of fantasy & science  fiction until his death in February 7, 1988.

Fantasy was Carter's great favorite genre and the most of his writings were about "Swords and Sorcery".  He began writing stories while in high school with L Frank Baum, Edgar Rice Burroughs and J.R.R. Tolkien being his major influences.

Lin became an editor at Ballantine Books where he reprinted many of his earlier works.  Dell and DAW also published a lot of Lin Carter's stories.
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# Year Title Role Series
1 1967 Conan Writer Conan (1)
2 1967 Conan the Usurper Writer Conan (8)
3 1968 Conan the Wanderer Writer Conan (4)
4 1968 Conan of the Isles Writer Conan (12)
5 1969 Tolkien: A Look Behind "The Lord of the Rings" Writer 
6 1969 Conan of Cimmeria Writer Conan (2)
7 1971 Conan the Buccaneer Writer Conan (6)
8 1971 The Quest of Kadji Writer Chronicles of Kylix (1)
9 1972 Under the Green Star Writer Green Star Saga (1)
10 1973 When the Green Star Calls Writer Green Star Saga (2)
11 1974 By the Light of the Green Star Writer Green Star Saga (3)
12 1975 As the Green Star Rises Writer Green Star Saga (4)
13 1976 In the Green Star's Glow Writer Green Star Saga (5)
14 1977 Conan of Aquilonia Writer Conan (11)
15 1978 The Wizard of Zao Writer Chronicles of Kylix (2)
16 1984 Kellory the Warlock Writer Chronicles of Kylix (3)

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