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Tolkien: A Look Behind "The Lord of the Rings"

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Fantasy fiction, English - History and criticism
Middle Earth (Imaginary place)
Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973. Lord of the rings
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Note - Author's Note
1 - The Lives and Times of Professor Tolkien
2 - How The Lord of the Rings Came to be Written
3 - Tolkien Today
4 - Of Middle-earth and the Story of The Hobbit
5 - The Story of The Fellowship of the Ring
6 - The Story of The Two Towers
7 - The Story of The Return of the King
8 - The Trilogy - Satire of Allegory?
9 - Tolkien's Theory of the Fairy Story
10 - Fantasy in the Classical Epic
11 - Fantasy in the Chanson de Geste
12 - Fantasy in the Medieval Romance
13 - The Men Who Invented Fantasy
14 - Tolkien's Basic Sources
15 - On the Naming of Names
16 - Some People, Places, and Things
Postscipt - After Tolkien
Appendix - A: A Checklist of Critical Literature on The Lord of the Rings
Appendix - B: A Selected Bibliography
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Copyright © 1969 by Lin Carter
This book is for all those
who have found, or will find,
pleasure in The Lord of the Rings.
And in particular, it is for
who has been waiting a very
long time to read it.
Suddenly it seems that nearly everyone is reading a very long peculiar book called The Lord of the Rings.
May contain spoilers
When and if it is completed and published, it will be called Kyymyrium: The City of the Hundred Kings, from the Coming of Aviathar the Lion to the Passing of Spheridion the Doomed.
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Ballantine Books
Mass Market Paperback
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Date Issued:
Cir 01-Nov-1978
Mass Market Paperback
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United States
Curtis Woodbridge  - Cover Artist

"This survey of Tolkieniana is filled with the kind of information to gladden a hobbit fancier's heart... it delves into Professor Tolkien's life, the inspiration and sources of The Lord of the Rings, and examines the genre of fantasy romance in general..."
- San Francisco Examiner

"...certain to please the hundreds of thousands of those who have enjoyed the three novels..."
- Best Sellers


  • The Lives and Times of Professor Tolkien
  • How The Lord of the Rings Came to be Written
  • The Trilogy - Satire or Allegory?
  • Tolkien's Theory of the Fairy Story
  • Tolkien's Basic Sources
  • On the Naming of Names
  • Some People, Places, and Things
  • The Men Who Invented Fantasy
- And many more fascinating chapters
Book CoverBook Back CoverBook Spine
Notes and Comments:
First Edition: March 1969
Fifteenth Printing: November 1978



 Lin Carter
Birth: 09 Jun 1930 St. Petersburg, Florida, US
Death: 07 Feb 1988 Montclair, New Jersey, US

Lin Carter (June 9, 1930 - February 7, 1988) was born and raised in St Petersburg, Florida.  He later returned there after serving in the US Army  in the Korean Conflict where he received a Purple Heart.  He moved to New  York City and attended Columbia University in 1953 and 1954.  He worked as  a copywriter for law firms, ad agencies, and book publishers.  In 1969 he  became a full-time writer, editor and anthologist of fantasy & science  fiction until his death in February 7, 1988.

Fantasy was Carter's great favorite genre and the most of his writings were about "Swords and Sorcery".  He began writing stories while in high school with L Frank Baum, Edgar Rice Burroughs and J.R.R. Tolkien being his major influences.

Lin became an editor at Ballantine Books where he reprinted many of his earlier works.  Dell and DAW also published a lot of Lin Carter's stories.


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